HCS; Burlesque

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ladies, get ready for glitz and glam and all the fun of the big show! The final Part of my Halloween costume series is a Burlesque look inspired by the movie featuring Cher & Christina Aguliera!

This look would be great as a flapper, a 1940's show girl and even the current burlesque girls! Its so easy and so beautiful!

So lets begin;

Start By moisturising your face - I am using Body shops Seaweed Matte Moisturiser - it is so gentle and hydrating :)

Then apply your foundation, I am using MUAs 'undress your skin' foundation in Beige, and I then buffed on some MUA 'Matte perfect translucent powder' for a flawless looking skin!

Now (depending on which colour theme you are going with!), take an eyeshadow in the same shade as your glitter and apply it all over your lid! I am using the golden shade from MUA's 'Poptastic palette'.

Now its time to create some sexy, flirty eyes! Take a liquid eyeliner - I am using Collection's 'liquid eye definition'- and draw a thick line from the corner of your tear duct all the way along your lash line and make a dramatic cat eye flick at the outer corner - try and make the flick face slightly upward , toward your eyebrow.

Now, take a very fine pencil brush and a black eyeshadow - Im using MUA's 'undress me too' palette - and carefully draw a line that goes from the side of your nose and just above your natural eye crease - as this will give the impression of wider, more doll like eyes! Make sure to flick this out toward your eyebrow too and then carefully connect this line with your eyeliner for full on drama!

Then take a blending brush and gently buff over this line to blend it into your skin a little and make it less harsh!

My favourite part! Apply your favourite lashes - the longer the better!! I am using Kissed lashes the 'natural one'! Perfect fluttery eyes <3

Now carefully brush a layer of mascara over your false lashes - this will bond them to your natural lashes a little and make them stay in place longer, also brush some mascara onto your lower lashes! I am using L'oreals 'telescopic mascara' in carbon black as it makes my lashes so long and has a very fine brush!

Then take a very fine brush and use a gel liner to line from your tearduct, all across your lower lash line and make a flick parallel to  the liner flick you just created!

Fill in the space between the 2 lines with the eyeshadow you are using.

^_^ Sparklessss ^_^
This step can get a little messy so just do a little at a time. Using a flat brush, press the glitter all over your eyelid, within the black lines! I put a drop of eyewash onto my brush to help the glitter stick to my eyelid for hours!

I also dusted a little bronzer over my cheeks and applied a nude lipstick (MUA's matte lipstick in Nude), I kept the lips nude so that all focus would be on the dazzling eyes!

I then curled my hair and added my felt bowler! You could add some pearls or a pretty diamante hair slide <3

Now, Stage left for you Grand entrance please ;)

This makeup is so easy but so eye catching and beautiful! 

Show me how you Burlesque! <3

My Kit;

Jessie's Bows

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

This is just a short post about something I picked up on eBay a few days ago & Just had to share with you all! <3

If you know me well, you will know I'm a sucker for Halloween & I'm even more of a sucker for anything home-made && kitschy-kawaii (cute)! So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a seller called 'Jessie's Bows' on eBay!

Jessie's Bows sell all sorts of handmade felt hair accessories (not just halloween ones!)  which are totally adorable!
To be honest  I think these are more aimed at younger girls, but this one was just so cute that I had to buy it!

This cute little ghost is made of felt and is attached securely to a snap grip, so once you have put it in your hair, it will stay put all day until you un-snap it again - yeyy!
I paid only £2 for this, with free delivery - I thought this was a total bargain considering everything is so perfectly handmade and such good quality materials - it even comes on really sweet backing card!

Look how cute it is in my hair!!!

'Jessies bows' sell a wide variety of designs with more being added constantly, and they have 100% positive feedback score on eBay - so you can be confident when buying <3

If you want to check out their store, take a peek here && Let me know what you think!

EarthWorm Cupcakes for Halloween!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

These Wiggly Earthworms are easy to make and will look great on all your homemade cupcakes this Halloween!

Before you start, make sure you tie your hair back, wash your hands and (if you have one) Put on your favorite apron - this is going to get messy :D

To make the Earthworms you are going to need;
A packet of Strawberry Jelly
3/4 of a cup of whipping cream
Red food colouring (optional)
A packet of Bendy Drinking straws & elastic band
A tall glass  / Container

Start By preparing the Gelatin (as stated on the packet you buy!) and dissolving the Jelly in a large Jug. 
Once the Gelatin is ready, add it into the Jelly jug :) 
Gelatin is very important in this recipe as it will make sure that the worms hold their shape!

Next, add 3/4 of a cup of whipping cream into the mix and stir it in until it is all mixed - this may sound gross but it gives the worms a fleshy colour and it actually makes them taste like a yummy milkshake!

Now you can add some food colouring if you wish! I added a few drops of this red to make the colour a little more intense!

Now the straws! Make sure you have pulled all the straws so the bendy bit is fully extended (this will make the bendy part you always see on worms!). You need to bunch them together and hold them together with your elastic band. Making sure the straws are bendy part down, place them in your large glass/container and start pouring the mixture into them. Don't panic if you see the mixture starting to fill the glass too!

* Now leave these to set over night *

Once the Jelly is set, you can start to remove the 'worms' from the straws! All you need to do is gently remove them from the glass/container and then either run a little warm water over the straw to release the worm or you can squeeze downward on the straw and it will fall out of the end!


These are so easy to make and they look totally gross when served up on a plate, or you can place them on top of cupcakes like so;

If you want to make these effective cupcakes you will need;
4oz margarine
4oz caster sugar
2 eggs (use free-range where possible)
1 tsp Liquid Vanilla
4oz Self Raising Flour
1oz Cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp Semi Skimmed Milk
Handful chocolate chunks

You may also want to use some special Halloween cupcake cases, like these from IKEA and some Halloween sprinkles - available from all baking stores and supermarkets!

Start by pre-heating your oven to Gas mark 5.
Then, mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl until it is smooth and creamy!
If you have a cupcake tin, use this to cook the cakes as it will stop the cakes spreading out and will hold the shape nicely!
Cook the cakes for 18-20 minutes in the middle shelf of the oven. You can check them regularly with a skewer, Poke the skewer into the centre of a cake and once it comes out clean the cakes are done!

Make sure the cakes are completely cool before you ice them, as this will stop the frosting melting on top!

While the cupcakes are cooling, take around 5 chocolate biscuits (I am using bourbons) and crumble them between your fingers - this will make for the loose earth and dirt for the worms to be crawling through!

To make the frosting (enough to generously cover 16 cupcakes) you will need;
8oz Stork (I use this as it is not too soft)
15oz icing sugar
1oz cocoa powder
2tsp liquid vanilla
5 tbsp Semi skimmed milk.

I always cut the stork into cubes, as it makes it easier to mix! 
Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl, it will be lovely and thick, so you may have an achy arm afterwards!
If you have a piping bag you can transfer the icing into it, if not you can use a knife to spread lashing over each cupcake! Then sprinkle some of the 'loose earth' onto each cupcake! (and sprinkles if you are using them!)

Now you can place some of the worms onto the cakes - make sure you do this gently, as they are only made of jelly after all  I also sprinkled a little more 'dirt' onto the worms to give a messy, earthy effect!


Whether its your Halloween party guests, or trick or treat-ers, people will love these - they are so different and inventive!

Oh, and while you're here - check out this cute alternative to traditional Halloween Pumpkin carving!

Pumpkin carving is a lovely Halloween tradition - but it can get quite messy, so if you are not a carving fan you could decorate your pumpkins with pretty ribbons instead!
I got these lovely black ribbons (to keep in with the Halloween theme!) from my local craft store - each reel was only £1.10! I cut different lengths, tied them around the pumpkin stalk and curled them for a Pretty effect. I also tied a bow around the middle of this smaller pumpkin - how cute <3

Because I couldn't place a tea light inside these pumpkins, I displayed them with a red tea light holder for a warming feel! They are so pretty and best of all they last for ages because they haven't been cut into!

I hope you all enjoy these Halloween Crafts - Let me see how yours turn out too! <3

Haunted Locations around the Globe!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

We all love a good ghostly attraction, perhaps a ghost walk, maybe a historic haunted castle or even just the ghost train at the funfair - the paranormal is something that has fascinated people for generations! 
Some people have their doubts about the paranormal, whilst others have undeniable proof of strange activities & experiences, but one thing that is for sure is that there is a treasure trove of ghoulish & ghostly attractions and locations all around the world just waiting to be dicovered - so you can imagine my excitement when Kate Schumer of Priority one Jets approached me with her fascinating article about '7 terrifying haunted attractions around world'!

'The arrival of All Hallows Eve is lurking around the corner and haunted attractions housing zombies, vampires, and ghosts are popping up all over the world. While the staged acts use special effects and fog machines to conjure up a few screams, for some, the creepy history alone is enough to send chills down their spines. Whether you are looking to travel for some eerie entertainment or to hit up a historical haunt, this list has enough scary and scripted options to leave you shaking in your boots.
Eastern State Penitentiary
This Philadelphia prison was the first to practice solitary confinement. The prisoners were kept isolated and did all activities alone, until overcrowding forced the institution to abandon inmate separation. Along with this treatment, the guards and facility counselors developed different physical and psychological torture techniques that ultimately caused mental illness in many of the inmates. Since closing in 1970, visitors have reported sightings of dark figures and sounds of lonely wails echoing through the halls. The prison is open for tours year-round, along with a haunted house attraction from September to November.

13th Gate
Feel like crawling through a crematory oven? How about wandering through dark, underground tunnels? This popular Baton Rouge Halloween hot spot has been consistently rated as one of the best-haunted attractions from several outlets over the past 7 years. From September to November, 100 professional actors and 12 special effects make-up artists come together to create grisly characters such as fiendish zombies and voodoo loving witches.

Edinburgh Castle
With a history dating back to the 12th century and hundreds of reported ghost interactions, it’s no wonder that Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most visited tourist attractions. The castle has stood through numerous executions and attacks, ultimately becoming one of largest sites of paranormal activity. Drops in temperature, shadowy figures, and the feeling of tugging on clothes and body parts are only a few of the many reported experiences of visitors.

Madame Tussauds
Forget standing around like a statue! Visitors travel through the Chamber of Horrors with hair-raising surprises, such as crazed inmates, hidden in every corner. With live and on-the-loose actors running around, expect a sore neck from constantly checking over your shoulder for things that go bump in the night. From New York to Tokyo, haunted house enthusiasts from all over can stop in for a quick scare while visiting this infamous wax museum.

Winchester Mystery House
Once owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun tycoon William Wirt Winchester, this property has become a haunted landmark in Northern California. A medium told Winchester in order to prevent the spirits of those killed by Winchester guns from harming her, she needed to continuously build a house for them. The house was under construction every hour of every day for 38 years, with the hopes that no spirit would settle there. With a total of 160 rooms, doors that open to brick walls and stairs that lead nowhere, this mansion has become a heavy influence in pop culture.

 Labeled as one of the premiere haunted houses in Missouri, this devilish dwelling has drawn attention from media giants such as the Travel Channel, The History Channel and USA Today. From flying zombies to a live reptile section featuring piranhas, pythons, and scorpions, the attractions are completely renovated every year with an annual budget of almost $1 million. With a monster museum, a 3D house tour and a two-story walk through exhibit, this is the trip of a lifetime for the ultimate horror fan!

Underneath the brightly lit streets of Paris, millions of human bones act as a type of structural support for parts of the city. This underground cemetery originally acted as a temporary solution to improper burials and strengthening the structure of the streets. In the 1860s, city workers dug up many of the surrounding graveyards for bones to be used as building materials. After opening a small portion of the underground catacombs to the public in the late 18th century, there has been no shortage of reported ghost sightings throughout the years.'

You can view the original article  Here :)

I Loved this article so much - it really got me excited about all the ghostly goings on around the world and made me wonder which one I would visit first - I think it would have to be the Eastern State Penitentiary! 

All this talk of the paranormal got me thinking about Halloween too - even though it is a 'sinister' holiday, there is so much fun to be had - getting creative & dressing up, eating lots of sweeties, enjoying all the parties & festivities and showering all your loved ones with tricks&treats!
But I think my favourite memory of Halloween has to be one from when I was younger - Me, my sister & my cousin all went trick or treating and it was such fun! We had never been before and were only about 10, we knocked so many doors and ate enough sweets to feed a family for a year! I don't know what exactly made it so special, but I always look back fondly on it. I remember the excitement of being out on our own after dark for the first time, the anticipation of knocking each door and not knowing whether we would get a trick or treat, seeing all the houses decked out to look spooky, and seeing all the other kids running around laughing, dressed in their scariest costumes - it was a lovely time and I wish I was young enough to do it again!

What is your favourite Part of Halloween or your best Halloween Memory?

HCS; Sassy Vampire

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Vampires have been associated with Halloween for centuries, so I thought it was only right that I featured a Vampire look in my costume series!

Some people like sexy vampires, some like scary, but I like sassy - so this Vampire look will incorporate a more fun, sassy side of vampires which is wearable for everyone this Halloween!

So Lets Begin;

As always, Start with a clean dry skin - this helps keep your makeup in place much longer and gives a more flawless appearance.

Then apply your foundation - I am using MUA Undress your skin in 'porcelain', as it is a pale shade and adds to the 'undead' appearance! 
Then powder your face to help keep your foundation in place all night - I am using MUA's matte perfection translucent powder.

Next apply a primer to the eye, I am using E.L.F's eye primer! I applied this all over my eyelid, as it will help my eyeshadow stay put for hours!

Now its time to start your eye look - I am using this lovely red shadow from MUAs Poptastic Palette. I applied this all over my eyelid with my MUA E3 shadow and blending Brush. Make sure you get good coverage with this shadow as  you want a real pop of colour!

Next, I took this shimmery brown shade from MUAs 'Heaven and Earth' Palette and, using my MUA Eyeshadow contour Brush, blended it out above the red shadow and into a wing shape!

Now its time to get sassy! Using a Black eyeshadow (I am using MUA's 'Undress me too' palette) create a small V shape in the outer corner of your eye and blend it out along the crease of your eyelid and along the upper lashline! This will give a smoky feel to the look and give lovely eye definition!
I then lined my top lash line with a cat eye flick, using my 'Liquid definition' eyeliner by Collection!

I then lined my lower water line with my MUA Intense glitter pencil liner in Starry Night & I used some of the same red eyeshadow as before and blended it under my lower lashline!
Next, I applied a coat of Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara, Let it dry & applied my Kissed Lashes in the 'Natural One' - This makes the look flirty but still dark!

I then Took My MUA Blusher in Shade 6 and contoured under my cheek bones to give a more structured look to the face.

Now its time to do your lips!

First I took the Same Black pencil liner and lined my lips, creating a more pointed cupids bow, I then Filled in my lips with MUA Lipstick in shade 10.

Next, I blended the colours together with my MUA Lip Brush. I gently dragged the black lines into the red lipstick to give a high drama lip look!

I then let my hair loose & added my all important Vampire  fangs which I got from eBay! You could use any fangs that you have - they are widely available from costume stores & supermarkets,  amongst Others!

This look is so simple but effective - you could even scare it up by adding contact lenses or fake blood!

Get the Kit;



Let me know what you think & Show me your Vampire Look! <3

MUA Matte LipStick; Wild Berry

Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn is definitely here now && so are all of the beautiful autumn fashions (eek!). 
I am totally in love with being bundled up in warm clothes && all of the gorgeous, rich berry shades that are appearing all over the fashion world, so I was suuuuper happy when I managed to (finally!) get my hands on one of the New MUA Matte Lipsticks.

I have been searching in various Superdrug stores for these for a little over 2 weeks and when I spotted the last one on the shelf earlier this week I legged it over to the display && Much to my glee it was in the shade I had wanted to try the most; 'Wild Berry' <3

The New MUA Matte Lipsticks keep all of the usual MUA traditions alive; combining fantastic quality makeups with bargain prices - They retail at £1 each!

I Love the white packaging, it looks very professional && much more expensive than the usual black ones!

This shade is a soft berry colour which is perfect for people with a fairer skin tone like me as it doesn't wash you out <3

The Lipstick is creamy && easy to apply (I like to line my lips && apply it with my MUA Lip Brush for best results!), I really love the colour, but I find when using my lip brush to apply it, I have to work up in layers a little to getting the colour as dark as it can be. It really seems to last a long time on my lips too!

As with all MUA Lipsticks, the bottom part can be screwed off to reveal a smaller pot of the product! How cute!

I really, really love this colour - I have worn it everyday since I have owned it && it is definitely an autumn staple for my make up bag!

I cant wait to try the rest of the colours available in this line (there are 5 in total), however, I am going to wait to place my order online until early November, as MUA will then be launching a line of 'luxe' products - how glamorous!

For Now, you can find the Matte Lipsticks here! <3