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Monday, 23 September 2013

I have been so excited to write this post!

I recently came into contact with the Lovely 'Prairie Charms' & got involved with their Project Blogger!
I was able to browse their lovely online boutique & choose some items at 50% of the price - yeyy ^_^
Every Blogger is invited to join & the winner will get to design their own hair or jewelry piece (eek!), as well as being lucky enough to get their hands on a 25% off code for all their lovely readers - how exciting!
You can read some more about it here .

The most lovely thing about Prairie Charms is that they donate 10% of all their profits to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Charity & the 'Kiss it better campaign' -  even with the 50% off they still donate <3

Prairie Charms are a boutique which make all orders and items by hand - something which really excited me, as it is very rare to come across such companies! 

As I browsed the store I thought 'however am I going to decide?!' There is something for every girl out there! If you ever meet a girl that 'doesn't do jewelry' hit her with these 2 words 'Prairie Charms' - She will never look back :)
You can see the full range here.

When my order came (very fast, I might add!) It was all wrapped up with cutest paper & tape .. I'm a packaging fanatic so this only made me more giddy!

The first item I chose was The Aaliyah Bow ($10, £6.50) - so cute!

The bow is a Beautiful Dusty rose colour with an ultra girly polka dot pattern! It is made from very robust fabric & attached to a lovely crocodile clip - so it is very easy to grip in!

The Bow looks so adorable in & even though I have very thick hair, it didn't slide out - even when I wore it all day!! I love the way it looks! It is so girly & dainty and Goes with millions of outfits - so you never have to be without it <3

The next item I chose was the Vivienne Knot Ties ($7.50,£5) in a set of 3! These come in a rainbow of colours but I settled on the orange ones!

The colour is so bold & cheerful - I love it! I have never had an accessory in this colour & I'm so pleased I decided on it as they will be perfect on my Holiday! The Printed Prairie Charms Card which the Knots come on is so adorable and rustic! 

The Knots are very versatile & can be worn in a variety of ways, I wore them on my wrist (you can stack them for ultimate fun) & tied my hair with them too! They're so cute & didn't snap my hair like some hair bands do!


I was so Lucky & got sent this sweet little bow too! (Thankyou Prairie Charms! <3) I'm not too sure what it is called but if you like little bows then you wont be disappointed, there are plenty of pretties to choose from when you visit the boutique!

The robust fabric of this bow reminds me of a beautiful tapestry & I love the yellow floral pattern against the dusty pink background! This bow also features a crocodile clip so it is easy to include in any hair do you create! I clipped it onto my dress too - it made an adorable little detachable applique!


I also Decided to try out the Bessie Gift Thread ($2.30,£1.50) as the pastels really caught my eye - I'm a sucker for pastels.

This Thread is so cute and would look wonderful adorning any gift, its got a lovely twirly pattern and comes in a set of 3 pretty colours!

I decided to use the Threads to wrap my hair instead of a gift - it was so much fun! As I braided my hair I pulled the threads through (I used all 3 as I couldn't decide which was my favourite!) & then once I reached bottom of the braid I wrapped them back up it diagonally! I finished off my braid with the cute petite bow!

The last (and not least!) item I chose was the Suri Floral crown - amazingly this is only ($18,£12). Suri is white but there are many other beautiful colour options for this piece to chose from :)

 I am so impressed with this piece, considering it is handmade, it is so neat and perfect! The Crown is made up from beautiful, realistic looking roses & leaves attached to a strong (but comfortable!) headband! 

I felt Just like a princess when I wore this crown, so I dressed it up with this lovely dress from NewLook <3

I have also used the crown as the finishing touch to my Enchanted look (full instructions on the look here). I was looking for something which my look was missing and this was the perfect thing as it is so girly and fairytale like!

If you would like to get involved with Project blogger, you can contact Prairie Charms for full information here! I would recommend this to every blogger- it is a fun experience  you get to try out some beautiful jewelery & hair accessories & you have the opportunity to design your own piece! it is like a dream come true for all girls <3

Thankyou Prairie Charms & I Look forward to seeing what you create next!

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