HCS; Gruesome Gatsby

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Welcome to Part 2 of my Halloween Costume Series, My Pretty Pumpkins!

If Last weeks Look wasnt for you - Then Check out this Gruesome Gatsby Look <3 I recently Got around to Watching the Great Gatsby and was so inspired by the glamour and style of the era - so I decided to incorporate it into my next Halloween look!

Lets Begin ...

Here is my MakeUp Kit this week - I have used my favourite affordable brands again to show that anyone can create a stunning Halloween look on any budget! (You can shop the Kit at the end of my Post!) 

1. As always, Start with a clean, dry skin and then apply your foundation! I am Using MUA Undress your Skin Foundation in  Porcelain - I wanted to choose a very fair shade to give a washed out, pale look to the Skin! I then set my foundation by buffing on MUA Matte Perfect Translucent Powder with my Kabuki Brush.

2. Now its time to create the eye look. I am starting by applying this fair shade of Eyeshadow from the MUA Undress me too palette all over my eyelid and right up under my brow bone. I am using my small Fluffy Brush from E.L.F to do this.

 3. Next I am using the Black eyeshadow from the same palette to fill in my entire eyelid and, again, up to the brow bone. I also filled in my eyebrow as we are going to draw some new ones on in the next step. I have blended this out with my MUA angled shadow brush as I do not want it to appear perfect and precise. I also Dusted my lower lash line with the same shade and dragged it out to a small V shape in the inner corner of my eye.
** You can Also Line your water line with some Black Liner for Maximum Drama**

4. Now its time to add in the eyebrows. I wanted them to be very thin, to reflect the style at the time, so I am using my ELF Bent eyeliner brush to draw them on, and I am using the MUA eyebrow Pencil in Brunette.
You can see that I have angled the brows very slightly by flicking them up in the centre, This gives a look of 'despair and sorrow' to the face, which will add to the overall feel. I have also elongated the brows right down to the area next to my temples. You could try the brows in any style you like - and dont worry if you dont get it perfect first time - you can just swipe them with a face wipe, apply a little more translucent powder and have another go until you are happy :)

5. Next I created a little depth to the face by applying this MUA Blusher in shade 6 with my MUA bronzer and Blusher Brush. I Picked up a little blusher at a time on the brush and dusted the underside of my cheek bones to give a hollow impression. I built up the colour a little at a time until it looked like the picture above - but you can add more if your feeling brave!

6. Now its time to get Lippy!! I always start by lining my lips with pencil as it gives your Lipstick something to grip to - preventing rub offs! I am Using MUA lip Pencil in 'Drama' & My MUA Lip Brush. I have created an exaggerated cupids bow on my top lip to make my lips pop more!

7. I finished off the lips by mixing some of this Fashionista Lipstick in shade 'Style Transformation' With some Black Miss Sporty Lipstick I have - You could use any plum or red shade though, They will all look very glamorous with the dark eyes.

8. I have applied a pair of My Kissed Lashes in the 'Natural One', because even though this is a dark look, The 30's & 40's were a very glamorous time, and I want to reflect that.

9. Here is where the Gore Begins! **I must say that this step is optional and if you dont feel comfortable using Liquid Latex then you really dont have to! You could just Keep the look dark-glam or you could pick up a false stick on wound, which many stores sell around Halloween time**
If you do decide to try out liquid latex then, using a small paintbrush, paint a circle of it onto one side of your forehead - Trying to avoid your hair line.
Let the Latex dry & make a small gap in it with the other end of your paintbrush - this is where the fake blood will go! It will looks something like my pictures above!

10. To create the look of The Blood I am using Snazaroo 'special FX cake blood' as the colour is very realistic and you can mix it to any consistency you require. 
I started by filling in the gap I made in the latex with a small paintbrush and also painting underneath the latex (you can see in the second image) to give dimension and depth.  I then made the cake blood quite watery and pressed the paintbrush firmly against my skin, this made the blood drip down my forehead a little - which really adds to the effect!
I also used the Black eyeshadow from the MUA Undress me too palette to blend around the latex to give a briused effect - try to wait until the cake blood has dried a little to do this and it will blend in with the eyeshadow perfectly. You can keep blending until you are happy with your effect!

 11. ** This step is also optional, and if you are not comfortable putting in lenses then you really dont have to - you will still look stunning without them**
I Bought these lenses from my local costume store for £15 - they are 'white mesh lenses' and give a white out effect over the entire eye. I spotted these and just had to have them - they give a beautiful ghostly feel to the look which is just perfect!

 12. && now the finishing touches! I bought this beautiful necklace from Primark for just £4 & I thought it would look perfect as a Gatsby style  head dress - I simply attached it to my hair with some bobby pins|!
I picked up this Lovely Fur collar from Ebay for a bargain £4.99 - it sits just around the shoulders and is very Gatsby Glam!
I also found this Lovely layered pearl necklace in the Miss Selfdridge sale - Pearls are a statement piece from the Gastby era and you could use any pearls you have at home for this!

13. The last thing I did to the look after pinning back my hair and attaching the headdress (necklace!) was to pull out a small strand of hair and hair spray it in a small curl against my skin. If you hold the section of hair and spray it and then gently press it to your skin in the shape you like then it wont make your lovely make up run!

&& there you have it! You have now been cascaded into the glam era and will sure to be the main attraction at any halloween event!

I Love this look as it is so easy and can be done by any ability of make up artist, wether beginner or seasoned! You can tone it down or gore it up until your hearts content!

My Make Up Kit List;

Finishing touches;

I hope you found this Look Inspiring - Let me see your Pictures!!