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Friday, 20 September 2013

Welcome, Pretty Pumpkins, to the first installment of my 'Halloween Costume Series' - I hope you are as excited as I am!

The Look this week is Called 'Enchanted' Its fun, girly & very versatile - you can take this base look and transform it into anything you can think of - fairies, unicorns, dollies - anything!

 Here is the Kit I Have used to create this look (Links at the bottom) - I have used my favourite, affordable Makeup Brands including 'MUA' (MakeUpAcademy) & 'E.L.F' (EyesLipsFace), so that this can be re-created by everyone! You might also spot some Kissed Lashes in my Kit (You can see my special post all about them here)

 Okay, so, Lets Begin!

1. Make sure you have a clean, fresh skin to start with, and then apply your foundation and some translucent powder, this will give you a beautiful matte look and will also help your make-up stay in place all night long! I have used a mix of MUA Matte Perfect Foundation & Undress your skin foundation and then MUA Matte Perfect Translucent powder to set!

2. Now you need to take some sellotape (dont freak out!) and place it gently against your skin, you need to make sure it is diagonal against your eye, try placing one end at your temple and the other pointing down toward the tip of your nose. Doing this will ensure you get a clean, precise application when you come to apply your eyeshadow!

3. Now you need to apply a base eyeshadow, I am using the Lightest shade in the top left corner of the MUA Pretty Patels Palette. You need to apply this colour all over your lid and right up to your brows! It is best to use a small round brush for this application (I am using this brush from ELF)

4. The next step is to choose your colour theme (I am using purples!) and then chose a light shade of this colour! I am using the pastel purple in the MUA Pretty Pastels Palette. Using the same small round brush Apply this all over the lid and blend very slightly upward from the outer corner of your eye to create a 'V' shape. If you are unfamiliar with using eyeshadow just do a little at a time - building the colour up!

5. Now you need to chose a slightly darker shade of your chosen colour! I am using this dark shade from the Passion eyeshadow Trio by MUA. Using an angled brush (like this one I have from MUA) apply this shade across the crease of your eye socket and then blend up toward your temple - you will get a lovely straight flick & you can blend it into the crease to give pretty shape!

** Now you can very gently peel off your sellotape and take the straight line you created and carefully blend it to just under you lower lash line! **

6. Next its time to apply some eyeliner! Eyeliner gives fantastic shape & definition to the eye & you can create all sorts of patterns and designs! I am using this amazing angled liner brush by ELF (Review all about it coming soon!). The shape of this brush means you can be very steady & precise with your eyeliner application so it is great for beginners! I am using Gel eyeliner for this look & I have chosen this one by 'Fashionista'! This Gel liner is creamy & very pigmented so you don't have to apply hundreds of layers!

I applied my liner in a double winged style! I made a thicker line on my eyelid & softly lined my lower lashline - flicking both ends out to give my eyes a larger appearance!

7. Next I carefully applied some white glitter to my eyelid! Glitter can be tricky so make sure you just apply a little at a time until you have the look you want! I extended the glitter out to just next to my tear duct, and a little under the eye!

8. Now its time for some drama! I added some of my Kissed Lashes in 'The natural one' to give a pretty, girly finish to the eyes! I also used some of my MUA lash boom on my bottom lashes!

9. Here is where the fun begins! I started by gently dusting my temples with the light pastel shade of eyeshadow and then I applied some Gems & Pearls which I found on eBay! I applied these with eyelash glue - as it is safe for your skin and can be easily removed! You can apply these as randomly as you like - get creative!

10. I have also made my look a little more 'fantasy' by wiggling some of this gorgeous 'colourful lashes' mascara by H&M on the ends of my lashes! Its so cute -  dont you think?!

11. I thought it was important to have a flushed cheek look to add to the girli-ness so I decided to try out my new HD blush by ELF (review also coming soon!) - but you can use your favourite blusher! Just apply all over the apples of your cheeks for a warm, rosy glow!

12. I used my MUA Eyeliner in 'Lovely Lilac' to fill in my lips & added some dots of this white liquid liner which I got from eBay to make it more fun and creative!

13. *I have to say that this part is optional! You will still look fantastic without it and not everyone is comfortable with trying out new things on their skin so if you don't fancy doing it then continue to the next step :)*  I bought some sheets of silver leaf from eBay - you can apply it with eyelash glue! I applied a little glue to my skin and then put 3 sheets of silver leaf around my neck, I then took a stippling brush and dusted all over the sheets of silver leaf, which created this amazing crackled effect! Once you've done this just press lightly on the silver leaf with your fingers to make sure it stays in place!

 I added this cute purple wig which I bought on eBay! It really adds to the look and matches perfectly with the eyeshadows! (and as you can see in image three, my elf like ears finally came in handy for something haha!)

Finally, I Placed This beautiful Handmade floral crown by Prairie charms (see my blog post all about them in the week!) on my wig! It really finishes the look & makes it ultra girly! I am so pleased!

Make Up Kit; 


&& There you have it - You are now Enchanted! You can do so many things with this look! You could add more glitter, contact lenses or even more eyelashes!

I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial & be sure to let me see how your final look turns out!!

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