D.I.Y Feather Manicure

Monday, 2 September 2013

I dont know about you, but when I saw the launch of the new Ciate feather manicure kit, I swooned like never before <3 It's the ultimate girly but trendy manicure, aswell as being versatile!

But I couldn't help thinking that I could do the manicure myself for a fraction of the price. The Ciate Kit costs £20 (available at Selfridges) and consists of a coloured polish, a clear polish, a mini buffing block, a pair of nail scissors and a pouch of feathers - most of these being things you already have in your own nail kit at home.

I checked on eBay (old faithful!) and found a million sellers offering pouches of feathers in any colour you could think of  from just 99p - so I bought some grey ones & some brown ones, and was lucky enough to be sent some purple ones to try out too for free :)

Here is my Kit which I made up of things from my nailcare items at home!
It includes;
a coarse nail file
a buffing block 
A smoothing block (optional)
some lint free nail wipes (optional)
Cuticle Nippers (optional)
A hoof stick (optional)
A colour Nail Polish (any colour you like - go crazy!)
A Clear Nail Polish
A Nail Polish Drying Spray (optional)
Some Nail Scissors 
&& of course feathers!

If there's something you don't have but want to try You can shop the kit here;

You can get this whole kit (with all the optional extra's) for £19.37 - cheaper than the Ciate kit with so much more included!

I bought my Feathers from Ebay Seller glitterarty_nails - they also have a facebook page of the same name with hundreds of nail art ideas and a shop !!

So... Lets begin!

1. You need to first make sure your nails are clean, free from oil and dry - so give them a good wipe with your lint free nail wipes (I prefer these as they don't leave little fluff over your nails!)
2. Now use your coarse file to shape your nails - this particular manicure looks great on all nail lengths but looks extra pretty on slightly longer nails. 
**If you are using cuticle nippers now is the time to push back your cuticles with the hoof stick and trim the cuticles - please take extra care when doing this as cuticle nippers are very sharp and can cut your delicate skin!**
3. Take your buffing block and rub it back and forth over the nail surface, this will remove any oils (which stop nail polish staying on properly!) and any dead skin cells, aswell as smoothing out your nail surface, making polish application smooth and easy!
4. Now take your smoothing block and repeat the same action, this will brush away any of the loose dust from your buffing and it will also make sure your nail surface is extra smooth.

5. Next you need to apply a clear coat of nail polish (allow this to dry fully before you continue)
**If you have a nail polish drying spray use it now - I love Avon's 'liquid freeze' as it dries within seconds)
6. Now apply your colour polish, to do this evenly swipe the up the middle of your nail and then either side - Going from the cuticle toward the free edge!
*Repeat this if you need to, but try not to make your polish too thick or it wont look even and will take forever to dry!*

Now its the important stuff ...

7. apply your clear polish to your nails - but only one nail at a time! 
8. Once you have applied the clear polish, lightly press on one of your feathers to your nail and move on to the next one, repeating until all nails are feathered!
9. Now you need to cut down the feathers using your nail scissors - leaving a little hanging over your free edge!
*Give this a little while settle*
10. Now apply another coat of your clear polish, but this time you will need to paint down the nail toward your cuticle - if you do it the other way you will disrupt the feather and drag it up your nail causing a mess!
11.Once this is completely dry take your buffing block and hold it vertically on the free edge of your nail - gently moving it downward to buff away the bit of feather that you left hanging over!

&& There you have it - you are ready to turn heads and ruffle some feathers with your cute new manicure ;)

You can do this is any colour to match any outfit or for any occasion!

What do you think of the feather manicure Trend?

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