My Contour & Highlight Routine

Friday, 30 August 2013

Before we start, I feel it is important to say that this routine is just my way of doing contouring & Highlighting, I'm not saying its the right way, or the only way, and if you have a favorite way to do the routine then great :)

I don't wear this everyday as I feel it is a little heavy for day-to-day makeup and wouldn't do anything for my skin if it were covered like this all the time, but it is perfect for adding extra definition to your face on special occasions such as nights out, weddings, and photoshoots! <3

Contouring & highlighting can be a lengthy process if you don't know which areas to pinpoint, but I'm hoping this guide will give you the know how you need to accentuate and define all throughout your face!

step 1: choose your kit!

This is my go-to contour and highlight kit;
1.ELF eye crease brush £1.50
2. ELF smudge brush £1.50
3. MUA Undress me too pallette £4
4. MUA Undress your skin Highlighting powder £3
5. MUA Bronzed perfection £3
6. MUA blisher and contouring brush £3

Get the kit;
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

step 2; contour & Highlight your heart out!

I always apply my foundation first and then start with my highlighter - for demonstration purposes I have put concealer where I usually apply my highlighter, as it is easier to see in photos :)

1. First  swipe from the centre of my forehead right down my nose using my ELF Eye crease brush- this will give the effect of a slim nose.
2. Then use your ring finger to create a 'palm tree' look on your forehead by blending out the highlighter you just applied.
3. Next, apply highlighter just underneath your eyebrows (aka, your brow bone) using your ELF Smudge brush.
4. I then highlight from the apples of my cheeks to my temples using my MUA blusher and contour brush.
5. Next I highlight my cupids bow (this is the area directly above your lip and below the tip of your nose), when teamed with the contouring we will do shortly, this will give you a subtle pouty look :)
6. I then highlight my chin using my MUA blusher and contour brush.
7. Finally I highlight just underneath my cheek bones using my MUA blusher and contour brush. This will give the illusion of lifting your cheek bones.

I do all this highlighting with my MUA undress your skin highlighter, I also like to use Benefits Girl meets pearl (when I can afford it!)

It is important to remember that if you have a certain area on your face that you aren't too fond of - don't highlight it, as highlighting is designed to accentuate areas of your face, so if you don't like your nose, for example,  highlighting will just make it stand out more to you!

1. I start by taking my MUA blush and contour brush and my MUA bronzer and contouring right around my hairline, from temple to temple.
2.Secondly I use my ELF eye crease brush and my MUA undress me too palette (the matte brown shade pictured above) to contour my eyelid crease, this will define the eye socket and give the appearance of larger eyes.
3.Now its time to contour the nose, I use my ELF smudge brush and MUA undress me too palette to taper from the inner underside of my eyebrow down the sides of my nose, and meet the lines at the tip of my nose - this gives the look of a structured narrow nose :)
4. Its time to grab that MUA blusher and contour brush and MUA bronzed perfection as its cheekbone time! Make sure to get a considerable amount of product on the brush and gently sweep from under the apple of your cheek up to your temple, this will give great structured cheeks!
5. I now use my ELF smudge brush and MUA bronzed perfection to line underneath my lip
6. And finally I contour under my chin  and up to my ears to define my jawline.

Now gently smudge and blend everything in and you will look beautifully defined!!

Here is a before and after - you can see what a difference this routine makes!

Please make sure to take your make up before bedtime, to let your skin breathe and stop all that makeup clogging up your pores!

What is your favorite area to highlight and contour?!


  1. When I do all that, do I need to apply anything over it? Or it will look just like that when you smudge it?

    1. Hello! I always apply foundation first and then begin to contour & highlight! Once everything is blended it will look like this :) you could always apply some translucent setting powder afterwards if it makes you more comfortable :) hope this helps! Xxx