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Friday, 2 August 2013

They Say That your Eyes are the window to your soul - so Frame Your eyes and show them how beautiful your soul is!

 Some people believe that Your eyeshape is determined by your Starsign - What do you think? Does your eye shape Match Up to the Chart?

Whatever eye shape you have - they are all beautiful and can all be enhanced to give an extra WOW factor!

 Lets start with eyeliner!

Whether you Prefer liquid, Gel or pencil Liner, there's no denying that Eyeliner does wonderful things for your eyes - opening them up, creating mystery and drama and even unleashing your creativity!

Here are some of the most widely Used Liners for Different Eyeshapes! Any of these can be easily created with you preferred liner type!

If you have 'Hooded eyes' (eyes which are deep set and don't show your upper lid) it is best to use more simple eyeliner designs - these will give you the detail and intensity you want without swamping your eyes! I would suggest styles 2 & 7! Hooded Eyes make for a more Prominent brow bone - so make sure you highlight this key area!

If you have Monolid eyes (eyes which have a mostly flat surface and no crease) it is a good idea to keep it like style 6! This will Open your eyes and define them, but wont overload them! You can Create a more defined shape in your eye by blending darker eyeshadows by your lashline up to lighter eyeshadows by the brow bone!

If you have protruding eyes, (eyes with larger lids) it is great to use thicker style liners, such as 1 & 4! You have a lot of eye space to play with so great creative!

If you have close set eyes (eyes which are quite close together) it is best to avoid using any dark colours on the inner corners - so try to stick with styles like 1 & 10 :) You can create the illusion of wider, larger eyes by dusting light eyeshadows on the inner corners!

If you have wide set eyes (eyes which are more than an eyeball apart) you can chose styles like 8&9 where the top and bottom lashline is painted (close to the tearduct!) this will bring the eyes closer together and intensify them!

Whatever eyeshape you have - get creative, wear what feels best to you and choose styles you enjoy making!

But what about Mascara? We've all seen the adverts where the women blatantly have 1000's of eyelash inserts on but claim to give the biggest, boldest result in just one swipe! How can we really get the biggest, best lashes?

I have Chosen 4 of the Best-Selling and New Mascaras to put to the test!

1. MUA LASH BOOM (here) // 2. L'oreal Telescopic Carbon Black (here) // 3. Rimmel Scandal eyes show off (here) // 4. Modelco. Fibre Lash Extend (here)

Without Mascara my Natural Lashes appear short , fair and barely visible, but with mascara great things can happen!

First up is Lash Boom By 'MUA'! This Mascara was launched only this week - brand new! It retails at just £3 so (Like all MUA Products) it is a bargain buy!
The Brush is Great as it has a narrow base with a ball tip which means you can really get into all the corners of your eyes and swipe those little, hard-to-reach lashes for a full impact look!

Here are how my eyelashes appear after one swipe of the MUA Lash BOOM! The mascara promises to 'Magnify your lashes for a spectacular false lash effect' and it didn't disappoint!  I dont know if my eyelashes look as good as falsies but they certainly felt lovely and fluttery. The Mascara was also great as it made my lashes appear very dark - which i love! The only mior gripe i have about this mascara is that it is a little wet - but as long as you wait between coats you shouldnt have a problem with clumping!
Overall, considering price, style and result i would give this a 4/5 <3 (just because of the wet-ness!)

Next up is L'oreal telescopic Carbon Black Mascara! This has been my favourite for a long time now! It Retails at £11 so it is a little more pricey but I think its definitely worth every penny!
The brush on this one is lovely as it is narrow and non-fibrey, more like a comb! & it is so flexible, so you wont get smudges and clumps - EVER!

I love the way my lashes look after using just one swipe of this mascara, they look long and dark but still natural! Every lash is coated but not spidery legged so it gives a really fullon effect even without eyeliner!
The Mascara promises 'up to 60% longer looking lashes and intensity lash by lash' and I definitely agree!
This would be great for people with shorter lashes due to the flexibility of the brush!
Overall, I would rate this 4/5 <3 (Just because of the price!)

Third Up is Rimmel London Scandal eyes show off Mascara, this retails at £7!

This claims to be a  'Breakthrough brush' with a Flat side for volume and a ball tip Ball tip for lasting lift - Much like the new MUA LASH BOOM.

To be Honest, I've never really been a fan of Rimmel Cosmetics but I thought that I  would give this one a try as it promises a 'Fibre enriched formula for longer lashes' - I didnt really find this to be the case, though, my lashes were not nearly as long as when I used the LASH BOOM and this one is £4 more expensive! I also found the brush to be a bit fiddly as it was very thick and left a lot of mess on my eyelids when I tried to swipe the corners :(
Overall, I rate this a 3/5, the colour is great but the price and result are not so.

Finally, I tested out the Fibre Lash Extend by ModelCo., This retails at £28 so it is on my top end budget-wise.
The Brush is wide and spiral so you get plenty of product in one swipe! & There is even a cute mirror on the back of the tube so you can apply on-the-go!

I really liked this mascara as it opened my eyes and made my lashes so long, thick and dark- still without clumping!
The Product Promises ' rich, glossy formula combined with innovative, inbuilt lash fibres to give you a false lash effect from every angle. ' and it was so right! I was so pleased with the way my lashes looked and my mum even asked me if I was wearing falsies!
The mascara really felt as though it added extra fibre to my lashes to help define them!
Overall I give this a mega 5/5 - although it is expensive I was so pleased with the result that I would treat myself to this one!

Dont forget that your eyes are precious and sensitive - so renew your mascara ever 3-6 months and never share with anyone else (for once!) or you could be letting bad bacteria into your eyes!

What is your favourite Mascara?

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