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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I was very happy recently when Dan treated me to some new bath Goodies, I am a sucker for anything pink && vintagey so these were right up my street!

'Along Came Betty' are a new brand of beauty products sold at Tesco, with a wide range offering everything from bath & body treats to make up & NailCare!

They have the look of 'Soap&Glory' products, the only exception being the very reasonable price tag!

'Along Came Betty is a beautifully created range of products inspired by the 1950's screen stars and timeless beauty icons still famed for their natural flawless skin'

Dan treated me to 'So..much Bubble' and 'One Pot of Polish' 

'So..Much Bubble' is a gorgeous, rich bubble bath which gives amazing hydration!
It has the heavenly scent of lemon and mallows which really helps you relax - aswell as the fact that it creates zillions of bubbles when poured under hot water <3

I really love the packaging of the bubblebath, it is all pink and vintagey and girly - so perfect!
The product matched up to the packaging just as well, it is like liquid silk and is perfectly pastel pink!
This product retails at £3.99 but is currenlty on a 1/3 off offer at Tesco

Meet my new best friend 'One pot of polish' - it is everything I had ever wanted from a body scrub - course but not harsh on skin, sweet scented, and made with natural oils which give you a beautiful glow and amazingly soft skin!
I used this just before applying some fake tan and I could really see the difference, there were no dark patches and my knees and elbows weren't all orange - and it was all thanks to 'one pot of polish' removing ALL my dead skin!

The scrub consistency is not what I had expected - although it was course, the consistency was still liquid, so it was easy to remove from the pot and best of all it had a wonderful apricot and almond aroma!
This product retails at £5.99 but currently has 1/3 off at Tesco!

** I have used a soap and glory scrub before and I have to say that it does not compare to this one (which is something I never thought id hear myself say!) **

After using these 2 products, its really got me wanting to try the whole range - particularly the make ups! If your curious about the range too - take advantge while it is on offer 

Shop your favourite here; 

What is your favourite body care brand?

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