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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Sun is Shining & the Weekend is Almost here - - Time to get Dolled up & Ready to Party!

I don't know about you but False Lashes are always a part of My 'Going Out' routine, so I was Super Happy & Excited when the Beautiful Kelly of 'Kissed Lashes' contacted Me & told Me all about her Fantastic Range of Falsies!

I had a look through Kelly's website (which is SuperCute by the way!) & totally Fell in Love - - it is a Paradise Playground for Girls who Love their Lashes & there Really is something for Everyone! 
The Website is simple to Navigate, Full of tips & Advice (even some Tips for all you girls going to Prom Soon HERE) & it really showcases Kelly's Dedication & Passion to her Subject - which Filled me with Confidence in the Lashes! She even has Praises from Harrods & Selfridges!!

I found it so Hard to Decide on which Lashes I should try but Eventually I chose 'The Natural One' & 'The Flirty One' - something for the Daytime & something I could wear on my Nights Out!! Perfect!

The Lashes Retail at £6.99 per Pack & each pack contains 5 pairs - that's just £1.40 Per Pair, what a Bargain! Each pair is also re-usable so they will Last you Forver!! There is even a Box of a Mixed set of Lashes Available for just £7.99 so you will Never need to Make the Tough Decision of which one to Buy again!

 I took the Lashes out from the Box & was Pleasantly Surprised at how Lightweight, Soft and Flexible they were! I didn't  need to Shape them to My Eye as they Applied so Perfectly <3

** I usually pull my lashes from the box with a pair of tweezers, apply glue along the lashline, wait for it to go tacky and then gently place the lashes on my closed eye, patting down the corners with the blunt end of the tweezers - this ensures precise application and means no germs from your hands will linger around your precious eyes.**

These are how 'The Natural Ones' looked front on - very Natural, Simple & Comfortable! I love them! They make you feel Glamorous but not as though you are Obviously Wearing Falsies!! I could wear these Shopping, to the Office, or Dinner with Friends & wouldn't Look (or feel!) Out of Place <3

This is how 'The Natural Ones' looked side on and downward - Beautiful! I am so Impressed with them - I've tried Many False Eyelashes before & had to Remove them after an Hour or so because they scratched My Eye, but this was Not the case with Kelly's - they were the Perfect Mix of Comfort & Beauty. 
I winged my Eyeliner slightly to make the Lashes feel even more Natural & I was so pleased with them, I feel like I could wear these Everyday!

Kelly also Mentioned to Me that she likes to layer 2 pairs of 'The Natural Ones' for a full Impact, so I tried this & they felt so stunning (Pictured above)! I felt Wide-Eyed & Doll-Like and Loved it! They look Glamorous but not dragqueen-esk!

Here is a look at 'The Flirty One' - One Word. Gorgeous!  These are a More Full Lash which adds Drama & Definition to the Eye! I never usually wear Lashes as Full as these but I have to say I Love how they look, these will Definitely be my Go-To Lashes for any Night Out or Special Occasion from here on out!

Here is how 'The Flirty One' Looked from above! They are so Perfect and Doll-like! I winged my Eyeliner out Again so I could Extend the Lashes and they looked so Beautiful! These are really like Princess Lashes!
Just like 'The Natural Ones' these are Soft and Flexible which means they are Comfortable to wear all Day <3

I am a Convert! Kelly's 'Kissed Lashes' will always be my First Choice in Eyelashes now :D

&& as a Special Treat, Kelly has been very Kind and given all My Beautiful Readers a Special Offer! 
All you need to do is Head on Over to Kelly's website HERE, spend just £10 on any of Your favorite Lashes & Enter the Code 'Emma' at the Checkout (you will see a message saying 'Coupon code applied successfully') & you will Qualify for a Free Gift!
Affordable, Pretty Lashes & a Free Gift - what More does a Girl need?!

Have a Great weekend everyone and have fun Lash Shopping, let Me Know what you Chose! <3

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