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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Festival Season is upon us and, inevitably, so comes the appearance of 'festival fashion'!!

HighStreet retailers are filling their shelves with brightly coloured, patterned, glittered, atztec-ed, floral garments which festival go-ers will no doubt be snapping up!

But what should you buy?! What should you consider taking away with you?!

Well, here it is! I have compiled my list of Must Have festival items - everything from fashion & accessories to, make-up & sunscreens - everything you need for a fantastic festival season - whether you're attending  one or not!!

Statement Jewelry;

I dont think anyone has ever set foot in a festival ground without jewelry dripping off their skin, its pretty, its shiny, it compliments your outfit - and to be honest - you can get away with wearing much wackier things than you would on a day to day basis - so go for it!


These are supercute and will make you feel all free-spirited and lovely!


These two adorable headbands are from 'Primark' - Both are under £5! I love the big one - its so girly and lovely and will take any attention away from any greasy or messy hair!

I got this Cute Coin Headband from Ebay for £1.93! 3 way headbands are very popular this Summer and this one goes with everything! find it here <3


I got these lovely Midi Rings at River Island (here) for just £2! Midi rings are a massive trend right now and these are so cute! You can wear them like me or you could layer stack them up for ultimate festival fever!

I got this gorgeous ear cuff from ebay for just 99p! Its beautiful and statement and i just love it! It will Really attract attention at a festival! Its comes in gold or silver - but for 99p why not get both?!


fashion is one of the first words people associate with the word festival - and although there is pretty much a free-for-all atmosphere - you need to wear whats right for you! There are key pieces trending for festivals this summer;

Slogan Tee's

Easy to wear with ANYTHING, Slogan Tees are so versatile, pair with denim shorts, skirts, dungarees - use your imagination!! These 3 tees are all from new look - you can buy them here!
Nirvana - £12.99
Coca-Cola - £12.99
Cash - £14.99


Playsuits are a festival staple - they are comfy, pretty and come in any pattern you can dream of! These are 2 of my favorites;
Asda playsuit - £16.00 - shop here
New Look Playsuit - £16.99 - shop here 

Make-Up Bag Essentials

We all know that you don't want to be taking the kitchen sink away with you, just your favorite pieces! 
Here are Mine;

.Face Wipes will keep your skin fresh and clean - These 'Simple face wipes will remove even water proof mascara and are suitable for sensitive skin types - £1.50 from superdrug!
.False Eyelashes are a Priceless festival buy - they're perfect for when you don't have time to apply a full face of make-up, but will make your eyes appear beautiful and wide awake! These lashes from MUA are just £2.00 a pair and come in a range of styles!
.Fake Tan is great for festivals that dont have the luxury of sunshine! st Moriz is just £2.99 from savers and comes in a range of shades so you can have a golden glow or a deep tan!

Shower Substitutes

Showers are one of the luxuries that festival go-ers dont have, so its important to think ahead and but those essentials before you go! Here are my picks;

.Deodorant is a no introductions needed essential - This Nivea pearl and beauty is my favorite as it smells beautiful and lasts ages - they are just 99p each at superdrug right now!
.Dry Shampoo - the festival-goers dream! Your hair looks fresh, bouncy and just washed in 2 seconds!! This 'batiste' dry shampoo has a lovely tropical smell and doesnt leave your hair all white! £2.99 in superdrug!
.Hand sanitizer is very important in places like festivals, keep a bottle handy and use it to keep germs away! This cute cupcake hand sanitizer is £1.99 from NewLook <3
.Chewing Gum - it Might be hard to find a sink to brush your teeth so keep some Chewing gum Handy!
. Loo Roll - it sounds stupid but with all those people using the porta-loo's everyday, you never know if you're going to get your turn and there's none left!

FirstAid Kit

You don't want to be having the time of your life at the festival you've waited months for and be struck with a first aid emergency, make sure you pack these essentials;

.LipBalm - whether your festival is windy or sunny - you will need some lip balm - This is my favorite it moisturises and it has a lovely pink tint to it too - I picked this up at my local 99p store!
. Sunscreen - you would be silly not to take this - even if its not blisteringly hot when your partying you still need to be careful of those sunrays! 'Malibu spf25' is my favourite as it smells tropically beautiful and is just £2.99 at superdrug.
.We all want to show off those killer new shoes on our holidays so its important to prepare just incase you get a blister! - Pack some blister plasters, you wont be sorry! These are £3.69 from superdrug.
.Knocks and scratches are an inevitability at festivals so pack some pretty plasters! These cute 'Ouch' comic strip Plasters are £3.99 from NewLook <3
. And finally, we all know that too much partying can take its toll - so stop any nasty headaches in their tracks with some paracetamol!

Body Art

Body art is so fun and creative, so get in the spirit and paint yourself beautiful!

. 'Eye Rock' eyeliner tattoos are beautiful  They come in so many different designs  take seconds to apply and look fantastic! These are on sale for £3 right now at claires accessories!
. Rub on tattoos are also brilliant fun! They are so easy to apply, come in endless designs and can be applied anywhere on the body! (The third photo is of one i put on my foot), these are £4.00 from claires accessories!
. I love this 'Glitter Stick' from New Look! It comes in Pink or Silver and is just £3.50! It is safe on skin and looks so pretty in the light <3
. These Face paints are the perfect mix of colour and sparkle! 5 Shades for just £2.99 in NewLook! I love the packaging too - its just a Festival Girls Dream <3


Sunglasses are not only eye-protection at festivals - they're also a statement, so make yours with your favorite pair!

.These cute Peace sunglasses were just £1.50 from Primark! I love the colours and how big they are!
. These amazing Heart shaped sunnies are £2 from primark but they look so expensive!
. Geek-chic sunglasses are always a big trend and these were just £1 in primark!!!
.Tortoise shell half moon rim glasses are really popular now so grab yourself a pair! These are £16 from TopShop <3

&& finally, i had to mention this as i love it so much! Decorate your tent with this cute mini Bunting! £3.99 from NewLook

So If you're going to a festival this year, Grab your bumbag, your camera (& your ticket!) and have fun! Please stay safe and most of all enjoy yourself!!

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