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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

All us Girls Love a Relaxing, Bubbly Bath Time - it's the perfect way to wind down or de-stress after a hectic day! To be honest - who needs an excuse for a Bubble Bath?!

When Shopping in a Small Crafty Shop in Chichester Last Weekend With My Boyfriend, I Spotted a 'BombCosmetics' Stand.

If You havent Heard of Bomb Cosmetics before - then you are really missing out! They are a Company who handmade squllions of beautiful bath treats such as the good old bath bomb, but also other products like shower scrubs, candles, bath mallows and many more. All of their products are handmade, not tested on humans or animals (yeyy!) and contain essential oils and natural products to make bathtime that bit more special! && Bonus - all of their packaging is not only gorgeous - but recycled too! 
Visit their fantastic website here!

Anyway, As I wandered over to the stand I noticed that they were doing an offer I just couldn't pass up - 3 Bomb Cosmetics Bath Products for just £2.75! When the products usually average £2.25 each, who could resist such a bargain!

None of the products were labelled unfortunately - but I have done some research to find out their names!

I chose this little Gem - 'Promised Land' Bath Creamer.
Bath Creamers are similar to Bath Bombs, but they fizz more gently and release much more moisturising-ness into your bath - making them perfect for the winter months when your skin can dry out!
'Promised Land' is a Beautiful Creamer filled with essential oils, shea butter, Frankincense Milk & Honey! It Looks Gorgeous as it fizzes in the bath water and it makes the entire bathroom smell delicious!

This has to be my Favourite! It is 'Night Garden' Bath Mallow.
Bath Mallows are also highly moisturising and fizz softly in your water! 
I Like to crumble them between my fingers as it releases the wonderful aromas and leaves my hands so soft!
Not only is this Mallow super Pretty but it contains Pure Magnolia flower and Palma Rosa essential oils  which help calm and relax you - perfect after a long hard day at work!! There are also notes of  jasmine, lily and carnation, Orange blossom and woods. 

This Treasure is 'Petal to the Metal' Bath Creamer.
Just Look at it! Need I say more?!
It contains a lovely floral scent  of neroli and jasmine with Shea butter to moisturise your skin.
It leaves you feeling calm and your bath looking sparkly!
I cant Get enough of this one!

This little beauty is 'Cooler Shaker' Bath Creamer.
I absolutely love the pastel colours on this and the little flower totally completes it!
It has a delicious zesty scent with Shea butter along with cranberry, lime, strawberry, raspberry, plum, peach,and apple plus basil essentail oils! 
It is super refreshing and toning!

I also picked up these 2 Little Cuties! I am not sure what they are called as I coudn't find them on the website, but they are both just as lovely as the rest!

I really love how all the products are not just designed to smell nice or do good for your skin - they all look beautiful too - and the fact that they are all handmade is so comforting!
A little Tip I would suggest, is to break the products in half and use them twice! They are all super moisturising and packed with oils so half of each will be plenty in 1 bath!

If you have never tried a bomb cosmetics products - I highly recommend them! Give their website a visit and have a look around - they also sell sets - so you don't have to make your mind up on just 1 product!


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