Mega MUA Haul

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

As Many of my lovely Readers Will Know, I have a Passion - No, Scratch that - An Obsession with MakeUp! So, When I Heard Recently that one of my Favorite brands, 'MUA' had a fantastic 3 for 2 offer on, I Just couldn't help Myself But Visit their online Shop! (You can visit it here, the Offer ends June 4th 2013)

MUA are an affordable brand of professional makeup with prices from as little as £1 - so even without the offer it is well worth a try! 

Whilst Shopping on the Website I Noticed that Orders over £25 qualified for FREE Delivery! My Basket was Already at £21, So I decided to Add a few Extra Items & get the Delivery for Free! 

I have Tons of MakeUp at Home, So I thought that with this Order I would Try to Buy Items that I wouldn't Usually, as I always Love to Try different Looks & Styles - & the Extra MakeUp will come in Handy for My Up-Coming Shoots!

I placed my Order on 17th May and received it on 23rd May - Fantastic! Especially since I Didn't have to Pay for Delivery!
When It arrived it was All Packed Neatly & securely with Foam & Bubble Wrap to ensure None of the Items Smashed or Leaked!

 && Here is My Beautiful order in all its Glory! I bought 30 items and Payed just £25! What a Bargain!

My Favorite Of The Bunch Had to Be the 12 Shade 'PopTastic' Palette (£4).There are so many Vibrant, Beautiful Colours in it that my Eyes just didn't know Where to Look First! I Usually only use Brown & Earthy colours on my Eyes but I thought that These would be Perfect for the Summer & Festival Season!
The Shadows Apply Smoothly, don't Crease & Blend with No Effort - I Love it & definitely Recommend it!

 I also Ordered Some Lovely 'Intense Glitter' Pencil Liners (£1 each). I Chose 'Silver Sparkle' (Web Exclusive), 'Gold Nugget' (Web Exclusive) & 'Malt Chocolate'. To Be Honest, I was Expecting the Usual thing of the MakeUp promising an Intense Glitter Look & Not delivering on it - but I was Wrong! As You Can See Each Of the Pencils are Wonderful & Sparkly &will dramatise any Look!
I was also Impressed that Each Pencil Came with its Own Sharpener in the Lid - this is Ridiculously Handy & at £1 per pencil, so Cheap!
The Pencils glide on smoothly & evenly with minimal Effort and can be used as an EyeLiner or Blended as a Shadow!

 I Took a liking to these Beautiful 'Intense Colour' Pencil Liners as Soon as I Saw Them (£1 Each). 
I Chose Shades 'Bright Orange', 'Lovely Lilac', 'Royal Blue' & 'Turquoise' and None of them Disappoint!
They Give a Really Hard Colour which doesn't Fade and Gives a 'Wow factor' to any Look you Create!
I Particularly Love the Royal Blue because it is Versatile enough to be Worn in an everyday MakeUp Look, But can also be Used to Enhance any Fantasy Look!
Just like the 'Intense Glitter' Liners, These apply smoothly and Last for Ages & All come with their Own Sharpener!

Next, I Spotted These Gorgeous Liquid Liners (£1 Each) and Opted for Shades '2' & '3'!
I was Surprised at How Long These Lasted as I Have Used Liquid Liners before that Seem to Rub Off after a Few Hours!
I Am Totally in Love with them & I Especially Like How they Look when Used Together! They will Make a Fantastic Addition to a Festival MakeUp Bag!!
These Apply like a Dream as the Lid also Pairs Up as the Brush Handle, which, Because it is Nice & Long, Gives you Great Possibility, whether you Like Feline Flicks, or Just a Simple Sweep! The Brush itself is also Lovely, as it doesn't have bristles, so You Wont end Up With Little Flick Offs Where you Don't Want Them!
I am Just waiting for MUA to Bring out a White Liquid Liner Now :)

 I Had to Grab a Few Of My Favourite Brow Pencils too (£1 Each), So I decided to get 2 of them in Shade 'Brunette' & 1 in Shade 'blonde' in case I have any Fairer-Haired Models in the Future! 
These Brow Pencils are Soft & Easy to Use & the Best Part - They are Double-Ended with a Mini Brow Brush, So Your Brows can be Perfectly Groomed Forever More!

 I browsed through the Lip Section Too & decided to Pick Up a Lip Liner (£1) in Shade 'Brooding Plum' - This is a Lot Darker than What I Usually Go For So I thought I'd Give it a Try! 
The Lip Liners also come with Their Own Sharpeners, Which is Fantastic! 
I decided to Fill in My Whole Lip With the Pencil and it Looked Lovely! It Applied so Neatly Because of the Narrow Tip and Lasted for Ages - Even When I Had a Drink!
I Love it & Can't Stop Using it Now!

Whilst In the Lip Section I also Noticed The MUA Had a LOT of Lovely LipSticks to Offer (£1 Each) - I have Bought a Few Before But I Never Realised how Many Shades Were Available! 
What I Love Most About These is That The Colour Demonstrator on the End can be popped off and is a Small Tinted Lip Moisturiser! 

I Bought the Following Shades;

 Shade 14 - Bare

Shade 7

Shade 2

Shade 10

Shade 13

Shade 1

All Of These Lipsticks are Soft and Apply Beautifully! They are Shiny and Beautiful and Last For a long Time! The Only Thing I would Change would be For Each Shade to have its Own Name - Rather Than Just a Number!

I Bought a Couple of Blushers Too (£1 Each) in Shades '1' and '6' - These are Both colours that I would Never Usually Wear But I wanted to Test them and Use Them in Some Up-Coming Projects!
These Blushers Apply Perfectly with a Brush and can be Blended very Easily - I would Recommend them to Everyone - Even Beginners! 

I also Picked Up a Few 'Foundation Routine' Products, as They are Always Good to have Handy!
I Chose a 'Shine Control Foundation' from Matte Perfect Range (£2) in Shade 'Natural' - This was a little Darker than I Expected as I had Bought a Foundation from the 'Undress Your Skin' Range Recently & they were All Named Differently - However, when mixed with a Small amount of a Lighter Foundation it was Perfect!
The Foundation was Perfectly Liquidy - not too Runny & not too Gloopy! When applied with My Stippling Brush it left my Skin Beautiful & Glowing & Lasted all day!
I Chose 2 of the NEW 'Hide&Conceal' Sticks (£1 each) in shades 'Fair' & 'Natural'! These were Lovely & Creamy & Perfectly Covered all my blemishes - it also Stayed On Well Under my Foundation All Day & Didnt Start to Crumble.
Another Item I Chose was a 'Brush on Concealer Pen' (£1) in Shade 'Radiance', as I thought this would Be Great For Use Under My Eyes - & I was Not Wrong! It Was Smooth and Silky and Perfectly evened out My Skin!

I also Couldn't Help Myself but Buy a Few Of the New Design Nail Polishes (£1 Each), In Shades 'Natural Days', 'Koala Bear', 'Pistachio Ice Cream' & ' Lush Lilac'.
All Of the Shades That MUA have to Offer Were Gorgeous and It Was so Hard to Decide!
I Really love the Bottles as they are sleek, professional and expensive looking - they Really remind me of the 'Essie polishes' which are 7x the Price! 
I have to Admit that I didnt have High expectations for These as I Bought a MUA Polish from the old Range & the Brush wasn't all that Great which meant it didn't Apply Properly - However, How that these have Had Their Makeover, I Couldn't have Asked for Any More - they were Perfect in Every Way!

I am so Impressed with every aspect of my order - the Easy to use Website, the Fabulous Offer, the Quick Delivery, the Secure Packaging, & , of course, the Beautiful Products! As always, I Highly Recommend that all you Lovely Readers give MUA MakeUps a Try!

What is Your Favourite Item from the MUA Range?


  1. Wow, what a haul! My local Superdrug is a bit rubbish, they don't stock half of these things! I love the shade 7 and shade 2 lipsticks on you - I also love the bronze/brown liquid liner, I've never seen those before, but it looks really pigmented. Off to the MUA site for me I think!

  2. Hello Lemonade Budget! I agree my Local Superdrug just doesnt do the MUA range justice! I Loved ordering online becuase of the lovely exclusives they do!! OOh & Thanks Im wearing Shade 2 now :D I Love it!!
    Hope you have fun shopping & Thanks so much for reading :D