How To; DIY Salt Spray

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Summer is slowly creeping in! Those long, light evenings, Beach BBQ's && the lovely feeling of being free! I cant wait!

Un-touched, Un-done, effortless beach hair is something we would all love to be flaunting this summer, and I am going to show you an easy way to get this style all summer long without having to set foot on any beach and without having to spend a fortune on products or hours in front of the mirror!

Salt Sprays (or surf sprays) have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years, giving a textured, beachy effect to long and short hair alike, but costing up to £30 a pop, they are not always purse friendly! 
However, they are so simple to make, if you known how!

All you need to make your very own at home salt spray for under £4 is a few ingredients!

 1 cup water, warmed up (but not hot!)
♡ 2 teaspoons of coarse sea salt or Epsom salt 
 1 teaspoon hair gel (whichever you like!)

 4-5 drops of coconut oil or Argan oil 
 A spray bottle (I got a set of 4 from Primark for £1)

You can add more or less salt depending on how much texture you want!! Also, if you have a particular fragrance you like, you can add a couple of drops to this mixture, as it is unfragranced without!

You simply need to mix all the ingredients together until completely dissolved and funnel it into your spray bottle!

Whenever you are about to use your new product, make sure you shake it up first! I find that using the spray is usually most effective a day after washing!

All you need to do is liberally spritz the surf spray through your hair (either damp or dry) then grab a section from the bottom and scrunch it upward to your roots, hold for a few seconds and release! You can keep repeating this until you get your desired effect!
You don't really need to finish with hair spray as the surf spray holds very well but if you feel more comfortable with your usual hair spray in - then go for it!

Salt spray can be quite drying to the hair so try not to use it every day - if you use it more than 3 times a week make sure you use a deep conditioning mask/treatment on your hair to restore it to its full beauty! I recommend either 'Aussie deeeeep 3 minute miracle' (RRP £4.99) or 'Tresemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque' (RRP £4.99)

So, it really is as easy easy as that to get your own at-home beach tousled hair! Have a beautiful day & enjoy your new surf spray!

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