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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

If there's one thing that I Can't handle, it's leaving make-up on overnight! This is such a bad habit and can lead to bad and oily skin!
Daily skincare is so Easy, Affordable & takes all of 10 minutes! You will be thankful you did it when your skin is beautiful & glowing after just one time!

Nowadays there are so many kinds of skincare products available, ones for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin - you name it, they've made it! All of these products range in Price too, with some drugstore ones being totally affordable to department store ones being (in my opinion) unreasonably priced!

I have always been a fan of the 'Olay' Brand, they are trusted and experienced & I always use their 'Olay essentials' Range as My Daily Skincare Routine, they are Affordable, Gentle, Smell Great, Non-Greasy and come in Sleek packaging!

Here is the range (apologies but I have just run out of the toner!) & this is all you will need for Glowing Beautiful, Spot-Free skin!
Pictured (from left to right); 
Gentle foaming face wash - £2.49
Smoothing face Scrub - £2.49
Eye MakeUp Remover Cream - £2.99
Refreshing Toner - £2.99
Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Day Cream £10.20

There are also other products in the range for those who prefer an even gentler routine, such as;
gentle cleanser conditioning milk - £2.99
Wet cleansing wipes - £2.49

I have always bought these for My Skincare Routine, but, to be honest, I have never payed full price for them! Superdrug & Boots are constantly having offers with these sorts of products whether its 3 for 2 or half price!
I got the Day Cream for my Birthday (in February) & still have over half the tub left & I got it half price for £5.07! Brilliant!
I also like to check in 'Savers' as they often have the products half the price of the RRP and this isn't even on offer, it just the usual price they sell at!

You will also need a couple of Cotton Discs (cheap in Primark & Superdrug!) and a Face Mitt (Mine, Pictured, was £1 in Primark)

I do this Routine Twice a day, once when I get up and once before bed - just like brushing your teeth!

You should start First by Removing any Eye Makeup! This is the most important stage as bad skin around the eyes is what really ages women before their time, & leaving eye make up on will only speed up this process!
 Do this step by squeezing a pea sized amount of the eye make up remover on to a cotton disc, close your eyes and gently rub back and forth over your eyelashes until it is all gone! Alternatively you can squeeze a little on to your finger (the one next to your little finger), close your eyes and gently rub over your eyelashes in small circular motions!

The Olay Eye MakeUp Remover is lovely,creamy and very gentle on your sensitive eye skin! I have suuuper sensitive eyes and usually cant use anything on them without the running like a river but this product is perfect and I never have a tear in sight!

Next, you need to grab your face wash! Squeeze about a 50 pence size blob into your left hand then with your fingers on your right hand rub it in circular motions over your face - cheeks, nose, forehead, chin & neck! Then wet your mitt with warm water and start to wash it off, rinsing your mitt between every 2 or 3 wipes! You can repeat this step if you wish!

The Olay Face wash is so lovely & refreshing! It is in Gel form, smells lovely and really glides over your skin removing all traces dirt & Make up! Don't forget to wash in the corners of your noseee!

Now its time to scrub, scrub, scrub! Get your bottle of face scrub and, again, put a 50 pence size blob into the palm of your hand and apply with your other hand! Make sure you take time to really work the product into your skin, as the scrub helps remove all the dead skin cells, which is what will leave you with that gorgeous glow and smoothness!

The Olay Smoothing face scrub comes in a wonderful creamy form with small scrub crystals which rub over your skin but aren't abrasive, making this product great for sensitive skins! This product smells wonderfully fresh and will leave you feeling that way too! 

I only use this product once a day as you should give you skin the chance to renew itself!

Next is the Toner! You will need a couple more cotton discs for this stage! Gently squeeze out some toner onto one of your cotton discs and wipe up your neck and over all of your face (be careful near your eyes). Then use the other cotton disc (but dry) to do the same thing and dry off your skin!

The Olay toner is very very refreshing and doesn't do the usual toner thing of drying out your skin and leaving it tight! When you squeeze it onto the cotton disc you will notice the wonderful blue colour and the lovely clean smell! Once you've used it once you will keep coming back!

And finally its moisturising time! You will only need a small amount of this as it is so rich and creamy! Just dab some onto your finger and then put a dot of it onto each of your cheeks, your nose, chin, forehead and neck and then rub it all in to leave you with gorgeous, soft, smooth, beautiful skin!

The Olay Anti-wrinkle day cream is perfection in a tub! It is Creamy, rich, soft and really does moisture your skin, but without leaving it greasy and shiny! 
It is never too early to start using an anti-wrinkle cream, I have used one since I was 18 and My skin is still soft and supple! You will not regret using one of these! 
The cream is £10.20 which can seem a little pricey, however, like I said, it lasts for a long time as your really don't need to use a lot and it gives brilliant results! It keeps for 12 months so if you only need one tub a year then it works out at just 85p a month!

A daily skin care routine is something everyone should be doing, no matter of age or sex, whether you wear make up or not! And, not forgetting that if you have a good clean skin, then your make up will apply more evenly, smoothly and flawlessly every day! You wouldn't expect to paint a work of art on a dirty easel so don't expect to have good make up on dirty skin!

What is your Favorite part of your daily skin routine!

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