Vintage Flowers

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dan came home with some absolutely gorgeous flowers for me yesterday and I had never seen anything like them so I just had to share with everyone!

They are from a 'vintage florist' based in Winchester called 'Catkins & Pussywillows' & they are vintage Pink Roses!;

The packaging is just adorable and to my amazement there is nothing commercial or mainstream about it! It is so nice to receive a bunch of flowers without the usual 'Tesco guarantee' printed all over it!
There is an outer later of brown packaging paper with a brown raffia bow tied around it (so cute!) and then the flowers are safely tucked inside wrapped in more beautiful brown paper packaging and finished with cellophane and a lovely pink raffia bow (and of course the name of the florist!) The only thing I was sad about was that there was no food with it - because I want these beauties to last forever!!!

The roses are just indescribable - I really have never seen anything like them before, they are a pale pale dusty pink colour which is incredible! && the tips are cream and green - perfect!

             I also love that there were not hundreds of thorns sticking off the stems - this meant that I could properly hold the flowers and admire them!

Next time I visit Winchester I insisted to Dan that he takes me to the shop! I loved this bunch so much that I just want to see more!!

Thankyou so Much Catkins&Pussywillows for making me smilee!

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