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Friday, 12 April 2013

Most of us Girls have a ton of make up Brushes just lying around at home, which we've received as Christmas or birthday presents or even just bought because they were on special offer - but what are they really for? What can they do for your everyday make up routine? And most importantly, how do you use them?

After Reading my 'MUA Haul' Post (which you can view here), one of my Lovely Readers asked a few questions about the Make up brushes I had reviewed, so I have Created this Guide for all you Ladies who Just want a Bit more knowledge or a bit of an experiment with them little magic makers that we call 'brushes'!

I always use MUA Brushes as they are synthetic and cruelty free, and suitable for all skin types! The brushes are only available from their online store (here), and range from a tiny £1.50 to just £5 - so every girl can afford a professional brush set!

Each Brush comes in its own case with a number and description so that you get the best results possible!

Foundation Routine!

Many girls choose to apply their foundation with their fingers - which is fine! However, you will be surprised what a difference a brush can make when applying your makeup, it will give a more even, smooth finish!

These are MUAs range of Foundation/Face Brushes;

F4 - A Powder brush which is perfect for the application of any face or body powder such as blusher, bronzer and even loose powder. The bristles are full and smooth which means that application of your powder is even and perfect! When dipping your blusher brush into loose powders, make sure you don't overload the brush or you could end up with blotches of powder on your skin, if you're worried you have overloaded the brush just tap it on the side of the tub and it will sprinkle off excess powder. 
F1 - A Foundation Brush which is perfect for the application of liquid and cream foundations. It is always best to put the foundation on the back of your hand and pick up a little at a time to apply to your face, this means you will not end up with a ton of foundation on one side and a scrape of it on the other. Always start by applying to your forehead and use downwards strokes through your nose, cheeks and chin.You can use the tip of the brush to get foundation into harder to reach areas such as under the eyes and creases of the nose.
F2 - A Stippling Brush (my favourite!) which gives an airbrush application of foundation! This brush is super soft and gentle on your skin! Again, apply foundation to the back of your hand and pick up a little at a time. With this brush it is best to apply the foundation in from the tip of the brush and dabbing all over your face - this gives a flawless, straight from photoshoot, look, make sure to finish by using small circular movements of the brush over your face to buff away streaks!
F5 - A Kabuki Brush (another Favourite!), this brush is super soft and best used with loose face powder or bronzer! After applying your foundation, pick up small amounts of your loose powder on the kabuki and glide it all over your face for the perfect matte, stay-in-place look! If you are using for bronzer, be sure to use a little at a time and sweep your temples, forehead, jawline and under your cheekbones for more defined features and face shape!
F6 - Blusher and Contouring Brush (Perfect!), This brush is practically a magic wand if you know how to use it! Because this brush is angled it means that you can apply powder more precisely which gives amazing results! Pick up a little bronzer on the brush and sweep up your cheekbones (from tip of nose to up by your ears), down the sides of your nose (this is great if you have a larger nose and want it to appear smaller), under your lip (for a perfect pout look) and under your jaw line & over your temples (for a narrower face shape) - Model Worthy looks in under 5 minutes!

These are what I call the Eye Enhancement Brushes from MUAs Brush Range! A defined eye can really make a difference to the overall look of your make up and even of your face shape;

E5 - An Eyelash Brush which gives perfect falsie-look lashes! You can use the Brush alone to just separate your lashes, or you can dip it into your favourite mascara for wonderful application! Make sure that when you apply your mascara you wiggle the brush through the lashes as this way it will catch each lash and give a length and volume illusion!
E6 - An EyeBrow Brush with Comb, which is Great for taming your unruly brows! The plastic comb side is just right for brushing through your lashes after you have applied mascara as then you will be left with clump free lashes! The Bristle side is perfect for shaping and combing your brows whichever way you like!
F3 - A Concealer Brush which I always use for applying concealer under my eyes (great for hiding dark areas!), this brush can also be used to apply our concealer on any other areas that you have blemishes! The brush is small which means you get maximum precision and the best results!

Eyeshadow brushes can be a daunting thing for some ladies because there are so many kind, but the shapes of these MUA brushes wont leave you guessing anymore;

E1 - An eyeshadow brush which is soft with rounded edges to give even coverage, this brush is best used to apply your base shadow (a light shadow which is applied all over the lid and up to the brow bone)!
E2 - An Eyeshadow contour Brush which is angled to help you get the perfect shadow for  your eye shape! Apply some Darker shadow with this brush in the crease of your eye and drag it to the inner duct for a deeper eye socket look! You can also use this brush to extend shadows from the corner of your eye for a perfect cat-eye look!
E3 - A Blending shadow Brush which gives optimal results to your shadow application! This brush is perfect for creating the smokey eye look, apply a little dark shadow to the outer corner of your eye and using a back-forth motion, blend the colour out further over the eye, not forgetting to blend up to the crease, you can add more shadow if needed but don't overload your brush or the powder will fall all over your face! A top tip for keeping your makeup neat while applying powder shadow is to hold a tissue under the eye and it will catch all the powder that falls out of the brush when applying your eyeshadow! 

This is E4 - MUAs eyeliner Brush, it is so small and narrow so it is perfect for applying any style eyeliner you like! The Brush gives you control over you application whether using gel, liquid or powder eyeliner and what I really love is that the bottom of the brush also pops off and becomes a lid, so you can bring you liner brush with you wherever you go - genius!

 And finally this is L1 - MUAs Lip Brush! Lip Brushes are an essential for when you want to wear a bold lip colour (particularly red!) and it means you can have precision application and wont end up with lippy stains all around your mouth. I like to fill in the lip with a pencil first (as this will give your lipstick something to stick to!) and then outline the lip with the colour and fill it in slowly! Having a brush also means you can easily change the shape of your lip if desired. This Brush also converts to a lid so you can bring it in your handbag and wont end up with stains all over it!

Care & Maintenance;

Care and maintenance of your brushes is essential! If you don't look after them properly the bristles will fall out or they will get clogged up with old makeup and can lead to spots!
This is a quick guide on how to keep your brushes clean and shiny!

Johnson's baby shampoo: We've all Heard of it and we all love the smell <3 and I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this trick before but for those who haven't then, well, here goes! Johnson's baby shampoo is perfect for cleaning your brushes as, because it is made for babies, it is very gentle and great for sensitive skin types! It is relativity cheap (you don't need to use it every day so it will last a while!) and very easy to find in the shops!
I recommend cleaning your brushes at least 1 time each week, this will stop all the old makeup getting clogged up inside them and spreading back over your skin each time you apply your make up!

All you need to do is wet your brush with some warm water and squeeze on some of the shampoo;

Then you need to rotate the brush in small circles over the back of your hand, the old makeup will start pouring out (and so will that lovely Johnson's smell);

Just keep repeating this step until the water runs clear, you can squeeze the bottom of your brush to make sure there is no more make up lodged in there!

To dry the brushes out you need to reshape them first and then place them next to something warm like a radiator! I never use artificial heat (such as a hairdyer) as it can compromise the quality of the brush! They can take a couple of hours to dry out, so don't clean them just before you plan on using them!

These are just the basics of Make-up brushes, there is a whole wide world of brushes and tools out there to help enhance your make up, different shapes, sizes, brands and Prices! But These Brushes are the basics I would recommend every girl should own, and they are of fantastic quality and a bargain price If you are nervous about using your brushes in your everyday routine you could spend spare time practicing with them, or just add one into your routine each day, you will soon pick it up!

Which Brush Will You be Trying First?!

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