Little Hotties

Monday, 29 April 2013

When I worked at the beauty salon, we stocked a large range or 'Bomb cosmetics' bath bombs, creamers, mallows and body products! 
Everytime I walked into the salon my nose would be filled with beautiful scents from all the products and I would spend hours un-packing them and admiring the glitters, petals, embellishments and just sitting sniffing them!

If you have never heard of bomb cosmetics I suggest you take a look around their website (here) as soon as you can! I guarantee you will be addicted, it is a treasure trove of handmade& natural gorgeous, candles bath products, body products, soaps and so much more! There is something for everyone from fruity to chocolatey to flowery to perfumey, you will not be dissapointed!

Now, Dan and I really love to use the 'Yankee Candle' wax tarts, but we have often said we wished that they made smaller versions that you could mix to make your own scents, so you can imagine our delight when we were shopping lately and we spotted a 'Bomb Cosmetics' counter selling a product called 'Little Hotties' - they are small shaped waxes with different scents which can be mixed and matched to create a whole world of your favourite scents!

We bought a little box of them that you could fill with any scents you wanted, there was a millions choices from 'biscuit' to 'citrus blizzard'! It cost us just £6.95 and this amount of waxes can burn for up to 132 hours! The little box is so sweet and there is even a little space for your favourite recipes to be written on the back! <3

This isn't even half of what we filled our box with! The waxes come in different shapes and you get an endless choice! The waxes are displayed in little pockets just like a pick and mix in a sweet shop! So cute! Each pocket tells you what scent its wax holds, not that you need it - you just wont be able to resist giving them all a sniff!

When we purchased our 'Little Hotties' box we also got this neat book with it, suggesting recipes that you can make with your new waxes! There is everything from 'tropical fruit smoothie' to 'rhubarb crumble'. Its just an amazing idea that I know Dan and I will always use from now on!

We decided to use a sweet 'pink rhubarb & raspberry' and a glittery 'biscuit' wax first to make the rhubarb crumble scent and it did not dissapoint! The whole house smelled amazing and still does today! You can burn the waxes for a few hours each but you really don't need to rush through them as the scent lasts for ages!!

You can shop for your own box of 'little hotties' directly from the bomb cosmetics website (here) or you can buy them in stores around England!

While shopping I also picked up this lovely 'Pink Rhubarb Princess' whoopie bath blaster and thought my sister would love it! The smell is just incredible and i couldn't stop sniffing it! 

It is so cute with 2 pink outer shells and a bright blue inside! The top is iced like a donut and sprinkled with glitter, it is just irresistible! 

All of the bomb cosmetics are handmade and are not tested on animals, also the packaging is made from recycled products - so when you buy from bomb cosmetics you know you are buying responsibly!

And finally, if anyone is feeling extra generous, I would love to give a good home to one of these gift boxes haha!; 

What is your favourite Bath Product?

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