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Thursday, 4 April 2013

I Love Make Up - All Kinds, body paints, everyday, SFX! Everything! My dream is to be a make up artist one day!

I have used all sorts of make ups before, from the very expensive, to the not so expensive, and I must say that just because you pay the earth for your make up - doesn't mean its going to be the best one!
There's no doubt that the quality of make up has an effect on how it applies and looks on your skin, but it is also the way that it is applied and even your skin type that gives make up a certain look and feel!

About 10 months ago I discovered a brand called 'MUA; make up academy' which promised fantastic make up at affordable prices (starting from just £1!). This Brand is exclusive to Superdrug, and, I have to admit, I first thought that this was another one of those cheapy brands where the make up didn't last all day or even didn't apply the same colour as in the palette - but ,boy, was I wrong! Over the last 10 months I have changed nearly all of my make up bag over to MUA products, from eye shadows, Liners, Mascaras, foundations - even brushes! The line has something for everyone and is definitely within everyone's price range!

MUA have certainly grown as a company since I heard of them, even having collaborations with 'Love Hearts' and celebrity Alexandra Burke under their belts, and they are always up to date with releases, with products such a crackle nail polishes, baked eyeshadows and fur effect nails - you can can always stay on trend, however small your budget! 

But the most exciting thing for me came recently when MUA released their new 'Matte Perfect' & 'Undress your skin' ranges! I have been wanting to try them for a while but had just been too busy to pick them up, so, to my delight, when I popped into my local Superdrug this morning to pick up an eyeliner, I noticed that the whole 'undress your skin range' was on offer - as if they aren't cheap enough anyway! I had to buy the entire range - and a few extras!

I must mention, though, that there are 2 Superdrug's in my local precinct and one of them doesn't stock any of the 'matte perfect' or 'undress your skin' ranges, but the other does! So if like me, you want to try them out (but don't want to pay the delivery charge on the website) then just have a check around in a couple of local stores.

 This is some of what I bought this morning! I am still so pleased! As you can see, the products are all packed very nicely and professionally and the white makes them look very expensive in my opinion!

The First item is a 'shimmering highlighter' from the 'Undress your skin' range, This was reduced to £2 from £3 as an introductory price and it is brilliant! The product looks amazing in the palette and immediately screamed 'buy me' when I spotted it! As I said before, I think it looks much more expensive than it actually is! 

 As you can see, it just adds a subtle, delicate highlight to your skin - perfect for creating high cheek bones and elongated noses, or even an all over glow! This can be applied to harder to reach areas with a small brush or could be brushed over your cheeks with your fingertips! I love the way it adds attention to your skin but isn't overpowering and white - like many other highlighters I've tried!

 The Next product is this lovely 'Radiant under eye concealer', also from the 'Undress you Skin' range. This was also £2 reduced from £3! The Product comes in a slender tube which can be twisted at the bottom to release the Fluid into the brush and smoothly applied under the eye!

The fluid is a perfect consistency - not too thick! and blends to the colour of your skin perfectly! I love the brush because it means you  can apply the product without the worry of using too much!

 I also bought this 'illuminating foundation' from the 'undress your skin' rasnge! This was just £3 down from £5 and came in a range of shades for different skin tones! The packaging is lovely and shimmery! It is in a squeezy tube - I prefer these soo much better than bottles because lots of foundation always gets stuck at the bottom of bottles!

The foundation itself is perfect! It is a lovely fluid consistency so that it doesn't just drag across the skin when applied and (as I said before) comes in a range of shades for all skin tones! The foundation gives good coverage and lasts all day! I usually apply my foundation with a stippling brush but this could just as easily be applied with your fingers!

 This is just gorgeous! The 'Undress me too' eye shadow palette! MUA previously released a best selling palette 'undress me' which I also own and use everyday! I love the packaging of this product and the shades are amazing - there are shades perfect for blending, contouring and even for subtle everyday makeup! I bought this for £3 reduced from £4 - which I think is an amazing price anyway! Urban Decay have a palette called 'Naked' which is almost exactly the same as this - but about 10x the price! 

 These are the top 6 shades 'Naked', 'Devotion', 'Shy', 'Fiery,' 'Lavish' & 'Dreamy'. The perfect combination of nude, shimmer & wow shades! My favourite has to be 'Devotion' (the golden colour) it is lovely applied just underneath the eye! All of the shadows are beautifully soft and sweep on perfectly  The palette even comes with a applicator so no need to worry if you don't already own one!

And these are the bottom 6 shades, 'Tranquil', 'Exposed', 'Reveal', 'Wink', 'Obsessed' & 'Corrupt'. These are the darker shades of the palette which are lovely for blending and pulling out the corner of your eyes! 

The palette even comes with a 'mini master-class' on the back - some hints and tips on getting the most out of your new shadows!

I really love this 'loose powder' from the 'matte perfect  range - this was £3. I like to have a matte look to my make up so this was a brilliant buy! I have tried a few others that were double the price and not half as good!  I chose the translucent shade of this product, however, other shades are available! I like to use translucent powder as it gives the matte look but doesn't add extra colour to your face, which can sometimes make you look as though you are wearing a mask!

The powder dispenses evenly into the tub - which is brilliant because the worst thing you can do is load your brush with too much powder! I always apply powder with a kabuki brush as it brushes onto your face evenly - which keeps the look natural. This powder is light too, which is lovely as it doesn't feel like you are wearing a ton of make up when you have it on!

This is the 'Mega Volume mascara' from the original MUA range! I love this as it doesn't leave my eyelashes all clumpy and spider leg like! This mascara is just £3 but I bought it when it was released (just wanted to mention it), and some of the proceeds went to breast cancer! The packaging is a lovely pink colour with a modern looking shape and feel! I bought the water proof version of the mascara as my eyes tend to water a lot in the lovely British wind!

As you can see, the brush is very full, with lovely long bristles to give 'mega volume' and ultimate wow! The brush is great as it catches all my lashes - even the corner ones! I usually use a couple of coats of this as I like to have dark lashes!

I also love this 'primer'! It promises to 'flawlessly even out complexion' and it does just that! The primer can be used under your foundation or just on its own. It would be lovely to use alone when the summer comes around and you don't want to wear too much product on your skin! I have a lot of freckles and this really evened out my skin wonderfully and made it look radiant, without needing to use foundation!

The product looks just like a moisturiser and applies just as easily as one too! You don't need to use a brush to apply this to your skin, and it does turn transparent on contact - so don't worry, you wont be walking around with a white face!

I also bought a couple of these foundations! Unbelievably they are just £1 each (and this is not sale price!), so I bought 2 different shades as I like to mix shades when I wear fake tan, so that my face matches the rest of my body! These are packed in a lovely professional looking black, squeezy bottle, which have a small nozzle - so you can just squeeze out as much as you like and not waste any!

These foundations are a little thick, but at £1 - who's complaining? I just mixed with a little moisturiser and they glided on like a dream! I do find that this foundation applies best when using a brush, but it also looks lovely just applied with fingers. 

I also picked up this lovely liquid eyeliner - also just £1 (regular price), I have use this before and it is magic, the lovely long lid  is also the handle which means you can apply and sweep until your hearts content without having to battle with your eyelashes! Hello beautiful cat eyes!

The actual applicator is not a traditional bristle one, it is more like a stiff brush, which is brilliant as it means that you will not get all those annoying little flicky off bits which usually come from stray strands on a bristle brush! The colour is lovely and dramatic and lasts for hours!

And finally I thought I'd quickly mention the MUA professional Brush range. I bought these a while back but love them so much that I just had to include them! I own the whole range (but have just featured my 2 favorites here!), and they range from £1.50 to just £5 - bargain! The brushes have amazing quality bristles and lovely grip-able handles so they give a flawless finish every time, even for the most novice makeup artist! 

Each brush comes in its own individual packaging, which explains a bit more about what the brush is used for and how to get the best results from it! I must mention that the brushes are only available online!!

Thank You MUA for your lovely products for all us girls who want to look amazing, but not leave ourselves broke!

What Make Up Products do you suggest I try Next?!

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