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Monday, 29 April 2013

Dan is always working but This weekend I was lucky enough to be treated bu him to a weekend away to the seaside town of Newquay for my cousins birthday! There was Lovely weather and beautiful surroundings to enjoy - and of course lots of shopping, cream teas and IceCream!

 This was the view from Our Hotel Room - the windows were huge and we were right opposite the beach!

 We stayed at 'hotel Edgcumbe', there was a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub and a cute games room to enjoy, and we were greeted in our rooms with some lovely little amenities!

On Saturday we tried our hand at surfing on Tolcarne Beach (look at that blue sky!), it was quite windy so this was perfect for the big waves we needed!

The first thing we had to do was squeeze into our wetsuits, we hired these from a surf shop called 'board walk', we each paid £19.50 which paid for the days hire of a surfboard, wet suit and wet shoes, it was such a challenge to get them on but I appreciated it so much when we were in the cold ocean!

This is a picture of us as we were just getting into the ocean! The tide was really far out but the walk down was lovely as the beach was beautiful and sandy! Once we got to the ocean the waves were about 4ft high! Surfing was so tricky and my arms still ache now but it was so much fun and I cant wait to go again! I am even looking for my own wetsuit and board so if you can recommend a place to get one, please let me know!

That evening we went for dinner in the little town and watched the sun set over the beach, it was gorgeous! There was still a little bit of wind but nothing could spoil the beautiful view! 

Here is a snap of me and Dan before dinner <3

The next day we went shopping in the little town and there was so many amazing niche shops, but my favorite had to be the traditional sweet shop! There were shelves and shelves of any sweet you could think of all in vintage style jars - how cute! 

There were also hundreds of jelly beans - yummy!

The shop sold lots of kooky gifts like this sandwich made from marshmallows! I loved the shop and could have spent all day inside just looking around! I bought a chocolate fish for my dad and a giant mint humbug for my mum in the sweet shop as they were so cool and very different! 

We also visited a shop called 'Living + Giving' which I absolutely fell in love with! The shop sold all vintage style items like lemonade crates, sandwich boxes, shoppers and vintage tins! 
I bought this cute recycled bag (also sold on dotcomgiftshop - you can shop them here) for just £2! It is made with 90% recycled plastic bottles and is just adorable! It features a little zip and lovely handles, and , my favorite part, it features a vintage blue and strawberry pattern!

I also got these cute woodland mushroom cupcake cases in 'Living+Giving', they were just £1.50 for 60 cases and are so sweet! I have never seen any cases featuring this pattern so I had to have them! The shop also sold lots of other versions of these cases, even one with a dinosaur pattern!

I spotted these cute little mini pegs while shopping in a trinket store, they were only 15p each so I got a few! I love ladybugs and figured these would be lovely for organising paper work or saving pages in my wedding journal! 

I also bought these lovely key rings for me and Dan! Together they form a heart shape and I thought they would be perfect for when we buy our car next week! They are so sweet and are handmade! I think it was £2.99 for both and I haven't seen one like them before so I really wanted them!

While in Newquay I bought a few little gifts, including these! Seaside towns are notorious for rock, so when I spotted these variations on the original I thought they would be perfect for my sister and her boyfriend and snapped them up! I also picked up this cute little Cornish pasty made from fudge, I thought it was so cute and really funny idea!

And of course, no trip to Cornwall would be complete without a good scone with local jams and clotted cream! I bought this little travel pack so that I had something to look forward to when I got home, and wouldn't be feeling too down with the holiday blues!

They were so delicious  the scones were light and fluffy, the jam was sweet and gooey and the clotted cream was soft and silky - perfect!!!

 And finally, I just want to say thankyou to all my Beautiful readers! I have had over 1000 Views on my blog now and Each and every one of you is special to me <3 Thankyou, enjoy and stay beautiful! <3

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