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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Yesterday Was a very busy, but very fun day for me!

I was styled by make up artist friend and Modeled in a shoot for her too. She was doing a Make up shoot for fashion styling inspired by storytelling.

Her chosen theme was the 'Beatrix Potter' Tales. 

I was styled as a cutting -edge tom kitten and it was just fantastic! There were 2 other lovely girls who were styled as a contemporary squirrel Nutkins and a funky-fresh peter Rabbit! Inspired!

We met at 9;30am to go through the day plan and I was first to be styled, My foundation, bronzer and eye detail was applied, the lipstick was saved for later so that there were no smudges! ;

There was Just time for a strawberry Tea before we returned to the studio! Yummy!

My hair was styled into 'Ears', which I absolutely loved! They were so fresh and cute, and added a good twist to the look to upgrade it to a 'fashion - worthy' style!

 I also wore a cute straw boater to give the classic feel a modern edge. It was such a fun prop to model with as it was so diverse!

I was also styled in a smart Blue Blazer. In the traditional Stories, Tom Kitten is always pictured in a cute little blue blazer, so this was a nice tribute to the original!

Finally, my Lipstick was applied to complete the look, and then onto the photography suite!;

 I love the sweep of electric blue liner - it really gives that fashion feel to the look and brings out the colour of my eyes, and I love the 'pop' that the statement red lips give - they will look wonderful in the final images!

I don't have the final images to hand yet, but once they are passed on to me, I will show you all! They will also include images of the other girls' looks, which are just gorgeous - one even included a hand stitched and curled wig!

What is your favorite traditional story?!

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