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Monday, 18 March 2013

I Cant wait for this summer as I'm taking a 4 day weekend trip with 15 of my friends! Were going to a Summer Party theme weekend, where we will have BBQ's, Beach Fun, Drinks and Lots & Lots of Photographs!

There will also be COSTUME PARTIES each evening which I am SO excited for! 
Like Many people would usually choose to do, I will NOT be buying store made costumes, I will be making my own - I always try to do this when there is a costume party going on! 
Over the last few years I have made everything from a Pirates wench costume, to a 'dia de los muertos' doll style costume! 

But since this is going to be in the summer I wanted to do something bold, fun & exciting! 

Me & my friends came together and decided to do a 'Rockstars Vs Popstars' theme for one of the evenings so my choice was easy - I HAVE to go as Katy Perry! I have always LOVED her quirky style and what better opportunity than this to try it out for myself?!

But she has so many amazing costumes, so it was so hard to choose just one! I had to go with something recognizable but relativity easy to make and budget-friendly, so, after much deliberation, it came down to this one ...

I Love everything about the peppermint costume! It screams 'Katy Perry' and is just all over cute and fun! 
I had to start making, making, making right away, but as always, it has to be on a budget - so I headed to my favorite place - Ebay ;)

I wanted to start with the Microphone as I thought this would be the easiest & quickest thing to do (also its the easiest part to store away until the holiday finally comes!), so I picked up some red & white rhinestones on Ebay - they cost me just £2.40 for 1000 of each colour - fantastic! & I picked up the microphone & contact glue for £1 each from the faithful £1 store!

Next was the difficult part - putting it all together! I drew a spiral around the microphone in silver pen so I knew where to stick which colour rhinestones, and all in all it took me about 2 hours to complete, as I stuck on each gem individually with tweezers. Below is the end result ...

I am so pleased with the way it turned out, I think its a great start to my costume!

I also Picked up these Lovely Bits on Ebay - at brillaint prices, as always!

These Lovely Gloves will be perfect for my costume, I payed Just £3 for them (from China) & they fit, well, like a glove! I plan on cutting the fingers off and adding a lace trim so they match up to Katy's Gloves (:

I also Grabbed this Lovely Underskirt for just £3.29 (from China) - what a steal! I thought it would be a fantastic add-on to make my costume all the more authentic! It hasn't arrived yet but I cant wait to see how it makes my Dress flare at the Bottom - just Like Katy's! 

I then stumbled across these little beauts!  They were just £5.50 BNIB (brand new in box) and are almost exactly like Katy's  I was very pleased! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable to wear as they aren't too high (: 

Finally (for the moment) I found this amazing bargain! It is a brand new ASOS Dress, and I payed just £8.99 for it, with free postage! I was so happy when I Spotted it, and I think my underskirt will finish it off perfectly!

I Plan to make the straps and peppermint adornments from hand when all the bits arrive, once it is ready I will post some more photos and see what you all think! 

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