Monday, 18 March 2013

I had Some Free Time this Afternoon so I decided to Bake Some CupCakes for my Fiance To Take To Work for Him & His Friends!

I made Double Chocolate with a drizzle of caramel, Strawberry delight with shimmering pearls and vanilla Ice Cream Flavour! Unintentionally, they remind me of Neapolitan ice cream when lined up in this picture! 
I must apologise for the horrible red cases! I Usually Use Pretty co-ordinating Cases but I'm all out :'(

I Have Always Had a Passion for Cakes, but it is only Recently that my eyes have been opened to all the wonderful things available for the 'home-baker' to buy! 

Anyone who knows me, will know that I have a massive addiction to Ebay and just this morning I found myself some little cake decorating treasures that cost me under £8 in total!

I Picked up this Cute Little Cupcake Corer - so that I can make them all even and fill them with Delicious frosting's & sauces! It cost Just 99p! I Pretty much always buy from HongKong & China - the postage can take anywhere up to 4 weeks but is usually free & the products are always brilliant and always less than half the price of buying in stores!

I also Found this little Gem for just £2.99 (from China)! It is a silicone mold which means it is easy to turn out and also very easy to clean! I can't wait to use it to create some fun summer sea-side themed cupcake decorations!

I got this Icing & Chocolate Syringe for just 99p (from China), It will be perfect for creating more intricate designs on my cookies and cupcakes and also for making chocolate shapes to add to my cupcakes as toppers!

I Picked up this Cute little 'Baby Feet' silicone mold for just £1.50, I thought I could use it to Make some sweet little baby shower cupcakes in Blue & Pink versions!

&& Finally I found this little wonder! It doesn't look very attractive but I am confident that its going to save so much time and give great results! It is used to create sugarcraft beads/pearls & it will come in handy for so many of my cupcakes- wether to create vintage pearls for my tea-party cupcakes or even pretty Clam pearls for my (upcoming!) seaside cupcakes!

I Have made great progress in my cupcake making and decorating skills and am hoping to start selling my creations in my area soon!

I will create a blog entry displaying some more of my work for you all to see very soon!

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