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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so I wonder what people think when they see some of my eyes!  I am a creative type & I love to play with my look! It all starts with the face ...

I have been a fan of coloured, or cosmetic, contact lenses for a while now, I dont use them for vision purposes, just as a but of fun to add to my look!

Something as little as the colour of your eyes can completley change the way you look!
My Regular eyes are Green, which I like, but sometimes it can be nice to have a change!

I have tried a few different colour lenses and I usually buy them from a store in the town near me, they are around £15 a set, which usually includes a storage pot & some lens solution (crucial for the care of your lenses when you are not wearing them!)

One of the best I've tried are Grey lenses, they didn't change my eye colour too much but they gave my eyes some nice depth and really complimented my skin tone!

I also bought some 'anime' or 'wide eye' lenses a while back, & they are very sweet! I don't really use them for everyday wear, as they are quite 'out there' but they certainly are a head turner when I do decide to wear them! They are, as their name suggests, worn to give a wide eyed, doll like look! The Pupil part of the lens is a very intense black, which is extended further than the natural pupil would go, there is then a line of colour around the edge, just to make it a bit more realistic ;) I opted for blue edging!

I also tried some very vivid blue lenses a while ago, which I absolutely loved! I wore them nearly everyday and always got positive comments from them! They Made my eyes so striking and I loved how bright they were! (This photo is an oldie of me & Nick from the All-American Rejects!) <3

If you have ever tried Cosmetic lenses before I'm sure that you will agree how fun they are, but if you haven't then be brave and give them a go!

 You must be careful when putting them in & taking them out, as this can be a little fiddly the first few times, just make sure you use 1 hand to keep your eye open nice and wide and pop the lens on 1 finger from the other hand, and gently place it onto your eye! 

It is so important to store your lenses properly as, after all, you only have 1 set of eyes, and it is not worth doing anything to jeopardise your vision!

 Always follow the storage and care instructions that are provided when buying your lenses & make sure you do not wear them after they expire as you could cause eye infections or problems!
Also, Please do not share you lenses with anyone!

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