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Thursday, 21 March 2013

One thing some people may not know about me is that I am a trained beauty therapist and Nail technician. I love trying out different nail polishes and nail art and my most recent review is of some of my favourite shades from China Glaze.

If you havent tried them before then I would really recommend them, they offer a zillion colours and shades, fantastic undercoats, top coats & strengtheners and even have some celebrity collaborations under their belt.

Bottle 1, Image 4; 'Hopeful' - United in Purpose collection (2012) For Breast Cancer awareness - I love this  shade! It brushes on milky and soft and is streak free. 1 coat would be a perfect base coat and 2-3 coats is a perfect nude opaque shade.
Bottle 2, Image 3; 'Exquisite' -United in Purpose collection (2012), Breast cancer awareness - A lovely shade that will give a colour pop to any outfit! A sheer polish with tiny speckles of glitter. 1 coat is just enough, 2 is perfect!
Bottle 3, Image 2; 'Hello Gorgeous' -United in Purpose collection (2012) For Breast Cancer awareness - a fabulous all rounder! Glides on smoothly and streak free and is perfect with one coat! A cool mix of pink & iridescent glitter!
Bottle 4, Image 1; 'Material Girl' - Eye Candy Collection, This beautiful shade usually takes 2 coats! Gleaming in the sunlight it is a Mix of pink glitter and pink sequins like pieces.

Bottle 1, image 4; 'Whirled away' - Cirque du Soliel collection - a whimsical polish which consists of black strands & sequins with contrasting white sequins  Looks brilliant applied over any colour and can be brushed on as many times as you like, depending on the outcome you want!
Bottle 2, image 3; 'Its a Trap-eze' - Cirque du Soliel collection - eye catching and fun this polish is a milky white colour filled with flecks of all colours of the rainbow! Looks better with more coats applied and will make you feel like a swinging from the ceiling!
Bottle 3, image 2; 'Luxe and Lush' - the Hunger Games collection' - the perfect polish for winter time! A clear polish with iridescent flecks, looks amazing shimmering over any colour polish you like! Brushes on quite thick, so go easy, but it certainly gives an amazing result!
Bottle 4, image 1; 'Loreleis tiara' - Eye Candy collection' a fantastic sparkly silver polish with complimenting blue pieces, transforms your fingernails into royalty with one coat,  2 coats will have them bowing down at your knees!

Bottle 1, image 2; 'Velvet bow' - holiday joy collection 2012 - this shade is perfect for autumn and winter time. A perfect berry polish that brushes on smoothly in 2 coats! Shiny and Beautiful it would also work wonders in any interview!
Bottle 2, image 1; 'champagne kisses' holiday joy 2012 collection - this is the perfect polish all year round, a glitter polish that dazzles but doesn't blind! Lasts forever without chipping! A beautiful shade of tan gold with just a hint of pink to give the wow factor!
Bottle 3, Image 3; china glaze fast forward top coat! a super-shiny, long-lasting, fast-drying top coat! what more could a girl ask for!

You can find china glaze in many salons across the country and can also buy them offline! I usually buy from here.

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