Easter Treat Table!

Friday, 29 March 2013

 Easter is nearly upon us and I'm sure that you all, like me, have plans with friends and family, weather its a traditional roast dinner with games and fun or a bit of a party with drinks and music!

I'm having an Easter gathering at my house with all the family, and although we wont be having a sit down meal, I do plan on having nibbles and treats for everyone to enjoy! 

As im sure you already know, I have a passion for baking, and all things sweet, so i plan on making a feature Easter treat table full of sweets, candies, chocolates cakes and many other delicious little things, not to mention adornments and decorations galore!

I have pulled inspiration from magazines, adverts on TV and mainly from Pinterest - it is a treasure trove of ideas for anyone who loves to try their skills with handmade things!

Easter is a time of new life, pretty pastels and of course, chocolate, so it is important to me to incorporate these into my feature table!

I found this beautiful idea on Pinterest! It is full of pretty pastel colours! I really like the idea that the treats are displayed on different levels, it means everything can be seen and makes it more pleasing to the eye! I also love the wonderful bunting, it has a handmade look to it and keeps in with the colour scheme of the table. 

This also caught my eye on Pinterest! It, again, uses the pastel colours which are just perfect for spring time! I also like the way that the candies are displayed in jars - what a lovely touch! Something else that inspired me about this was the blossom branches - they are gorgeous, they are a corresponding colouur and i love the way they lean over the display!


But a feature table isn't just about sweets and chocolates, it needs to be full of decorations and statements which people will talk about and remember! When I came across this idea I thought it was wonderfully simple, but brilliant, you could use any candies in any colours to match your theme! I love that Tulips are used here, as they are a lovely spring flower which also come in a range of lovely colours!

I also came across these beauties on pinterest! The cake stand is so sweet and I love how the raffia is used to give an Easter look, you don't have to display eggs on it, you could use anything, cupcakes, cookies - anything! I also thought that this flower display was especially creative! You could use it on a smaller or larger scale and use any colored eggs you like to tie in with your theme.

I wanted to make something of my own and I saw that our egg box was about to be thrown out and decided to use it to make something easter-y instead! 

To follow this make-and-do, you will need an empty egg box with the label peeled off, and some craft glue (I always water it down a little) and make sure you have some scrap paper to rest on so you don't make too much mess! You are also going to need some sort of paper to cover the egg box with, you could use newspaper, scrap paper - anything you can find! Dan bought a mug in the Disney store a few days ago and it was wrapped in this adorable paper which I kept - (I knew it would be good for something!), so I used that;

I ripped the paper into shreds, some small and some larger and I painted the lid and inside of the egg box with the glue and began sticking the paper pieces on - don't paint the bottom yet or it will stick to whatever it is resting on! When you have covered the egg box paint over the paper with glue too so it is stuck on good and tight and once it is dry it will have a lovely crispy effect!

This is what my box looked like! Once it was dry I flipped it over and did the same to the bottom! 

Once the whole box was dry I rummaged through my materials and found some lovely scraps to complete the box with, I glued on a strip of vintage looking paper and I also glued on a little wooden button I found lying around. I had a brown ink pad that I touched up the edges of the box with to give it a worn, vintage feel and I finished off by fraying and tying some ribbon through the little hole!

I finished off by filling with some Cadbury creme eggs, but you can use whatever you like! I will finish the box off with some raffia or straw when I present it on my treat table on Easter day!

I hope you have fun and I would love to see how yours turn out!

Sweets && Treats

Easter wouldn't be Easter without some sweets and chocolates, and because I am making quite a large number of these, I feel it is important to plan ahead!
I want to have quite a variety on offer for my guests as I know that everyone has different tastes, so I am going to make sure that there is something for everyone!  

I have found some inspiration on pinterest, such as these little cuties below;

These are 'peeps'! They are an american marshmallow candy, which are hard to find in England  so if you want to use them, you could order them online ahead of time or you could visit one of the many 'american shops' that are popping up all around! They are so sweet and come in a variety of colours so you could mix and match or buy according to your color scheme!


cornflakes nests;

Of course  Easter just wouldn't be the same without some good old fashioned cornflake nests! These are so simple to make and everyone loves them! all you need is; 
♡ 50g of butter
♡ 100g of milk chocolate broken into chunks
♡ 3tbsp of golden syrup
♡ 100g of cornflakes
♡ a bag of cadbury mini eggs

and then you simply need to;

Put the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a saucepan or microwavable bowl and Put the cornflakes into a separate, large bowl.
Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in the saucepan over a low heat and allow to cool a little before pouring over the cornflakes.
Stir the ingredients together gently using a wooden spoon. Spoon the mixture into 12 cupcake cases arranged on a muffin tray. gently place 2 or 3 mini eggs on top of each cake
Put in the fridge to set for about an hour or two and enjoy!

These are loved by people of all ages and you can guarantee that there wont be any left by the end of the afternoon!

Cadbury creme egg cupcakes;

I had a little 'trail run' of some cadbury creme egg cupcakes today, which i will be making on the day. I wanted to test them today to make sure i could get the icing right! They turned out lovely and are so delicious!

I used a basic Cupcake recipe and added some cadbury cocoa powder to give a lovely authentic flavor!;

I would definitely recommend having some good quality large muffin cases so that the cakes turn out nice and big! I bought these Dr Oetker cases for just 94p from Tesco - you cant go wrong!

I made the cupcake batter and used a scoop to fill the cases with the mix so that they all turned out about the same size & cooked at Gas 6 for 12 minutes, i strongly suggest using a muffin tin so that the cakes don't spread out but if you don't have one then don't panic - your cakes will still be yummy!;

Once the cakes are cooked and you've taken them from the oven, be sure to put them onto a cooling rack! if you leave them in the warm muffin tin to cool you will be waiting forever! Whilst the cakes were cooling, I made the ButterCream icing, I needed it to be quite thick to give the look of the fondant filling inside a cream egg! Before you start to make the icing, pop on your pinny as it could get messy;

This is my lovely Cath Kidson pinny which I was bought for christmas! I love it!

To make the icing (to generously frost 12 cupcakes) you will need ;
♡ 8oz of unsalted butter 
♡ a tablespoon of liquid vanilla
♡ 4-6 tablespoons of full fat milk or cream
♡ 16oz of icing sugar

It is important to use butter because margarine is always too soft and will not hold its shape once piped onto your cakes, also i prefer unsalted butter as it is less greasy!I usually cut the butter into cubes so that it is more manageable and easier to mix (I do not have an electric mixer so i have to mix by hand and this can be quite hard going as the icing is stiff, but just persevere!)

Before you add anything to the butter just mix it a little so it becomes a little softer, if you are mixing by hand like me, this can be a little difficult so you can add the vanilla at this stage to make it easier for yourself! 

Next, gradually add in the icing sugar, i would do this in 4 stages, each time with a tablespoon of the milk. it is very important to remember that the amount of milk you use can make a big difference to the consistency of your icing, so try to add it a drop at a time until you get what you need. This is what my icing looked like when it was finished;

I separated a third of the icing into a different bowl and put it aside.With the other two thirds i popped it into a piping bag fitted with a wide circular nozzle;

I then piped slowly in a spiral motion, leaving a gap on the top center of each cake;

Once all the cakes were topped like this, i added a few drops of yellow food colouring into the final third of icing and put it into the piping bag with the same nozzle and filled the gap on top of each cake! i then finished with a 'Cadbury splat' but you could also use a mini 'Cadbury creme egg';


Easter chocolate Torte

I also plan on making an Easter chocolate torte with cute mini bunting as my center piece! I adapted this recipe from one in the latest issue of the free co-op magazine, the recipe serves 12 and only takes 25 minutes to bake, so I will make it on Easter morning;

 The ingredients needed are;
♡ 200g of milk or dark chocolate broken into chunks
♡ 100g of unsalted butter
♡ 100g light soft brown sugar
♡ 2 tablespoons of liquid vanilla
♡ *optional 150g of ground almonds*
♡ 4 medium eggs, separated (I always use free range)
♡ cocoa powder and Cadbury mini eggs to decorate!

all you need to do is;
 ♡ preheat your oven to gas 3 / 160'C
♡ lightly grease a cake tin (preferably 20cm)
♡ Melt the chocolate chunks in a microwavable bowl over simmering water, and once it is melted leave it to cool a little.
♡ Meanwhile beat the butter sugar and vanilla together thoroughly in a large bowl.
♡ Add the ground almonds (if you wish to use them) and the egg yolks and beat them together, then add in the melted chocolate and keep stirring until its completely combined.
♡ In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until they are stiff and carefully fold it into the chocolate mixture until combined.
Gently spoon into the tin and bake for 25 minutes in the oven until the cake is cooked and set, it will be slightly gooey in the center.Leave the cake to cool
♡ Remove from the tin once cool, dust with cocoa powder and top with the mini eggs.
you can now top with the mini bunting if you have any!

Sugar Cookies;

i really wan to use my new easter cookie cutters so i will also be making some sugar cookies, i came across this image on pinterest and thought it was so cute! I am going to follow a recipie i have used many times before to make my cookies, thsi recipie makes 24 cookies and is as follows;

♡ 112g Butter, softened
♡100g caster sugar
♡ 1 free range egg
♡1 teaspoon liquid vanilla
♡170g of self raising flour

To prepare the dough you will then need to;

I wanted to make something else for my table, so I searched through part of my cupcake cupboard and found that I had some 'candy melts' left! If you haven't used them before then you must try them out! 'Candy melts' are edible buttons that melt like chocolate and come in a variety of colours for all projects! I decided to make some of these!;

They are strawberries covered in orange candy melts and they look just like tiny carrots! They will look adorable placed on my table in little jars or even on a cake pedestal like above!

If this isn't enough I will obviously be filling
my table with all the usual Easter treats like 'creme eggs', 'kinder eggs' 'mini eggs' and all other sorts of sweets!


I will be posting images and details about my completed Easter treat table and seasonal outfit next week!
I hope you all have a fun time with your loved ones and are spoiled silly!

What is your favorite Easter treat?

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