Homemade Chocolate Eggs!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I Love to make gifts for my loved ones and Easter is the perfect time to do so!

When I was shopping at my Local 'Range' store, I saw some Easter Egg molds to make your own chocolate eggs at home, what a great idea! I decided to buy a large one and one which had molds to make some mini sized eggs!

I bought some 'Milka' chocolate because I love the creamy taste , and I also bought some white & milk chocolate drops & some honeycomb pieces! 
I sprinkled the chocolate drops and honeycomb into the empty mold and then painted on a layer of melted chocolate with a small paintbrush!
 I let this harden completely in the fridge and then added 5 more layers of chocolate, the innermost being white (so it was like a large kinder egg!) I also made the mini eggs and placed them inside the large one! I joined the 2 halves of the large egg together by putting some melted chocolate around the edges and putting them together to harden in the fridge! 
This was my finished egg;

I was so pleased with the way it turned out!
 I tied a ribbon around it, sat it on some yellow straw and wrapped in some cellophane!

Have you made your own chocolate eggs before?

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